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Provides data storage and retrieval support for directory-enabled applications


Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory service that provides data storage and retrieval support for directory-enabled applications, without the dependencies that are required for the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Multiple instances of AD LDS can be run concurrently on a single computer, with an independently managed schema for each AD LDS instance.

Steps for getting started with AD LDS

The following sections provide step-by-step instructions for setting up AD LDS. These sections provide both graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line methods for backing up and restoring AD LDS, where applicable.

  • Click Start, and then click Server Manager.
  • In the console tree, right-click Roles, and then click Add Roles.
  • Review the information on the Before You Begin page of the Add Roles Wizard, and then click Next.
  • On the Select Server Roles page, in the Roles list, select the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services check box, and then click Next.
  • Finish adding the AD LDS server role by following the instructions in the wizard.

  • Create a new AD LDS instance
  • Import data into an AD LDS instance

  • Start, stop, and restart an AD LDS instance
  • Use the ADSI Edit administration tool
  • Use the Ldp.exe administration tool
  • Use the Schema snap-in as an AD LDS administration tool
  • Use the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in as an AD LDS administration tool
  • Create an LDIF file with ADSchemaAnalyzer
  • Synchronize with AD DS

  • Create an OU
  • Create an AD LDS group
  • Create an AD LDS user
  • Add or remove members to or from an AD LDS group
  • Disable or enable AD LDS user accounts

  • Create an application directory partition
  • Delete an application directory partition

  • View permissions
  • Grant permissions
  • Deny permissions

  • Set a password for an AD LDS security principal
  • Bind as an AD LDS security principal
  • Bind as a Windows security principal
  • Bind through an AD LDS proxy object

  • Create an AD LDS replica instance
  • Configure a replication schedule

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