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Office 365 Enterprise Security with CASB Solution

Fuel Your Organizations Growth with Microsoft Office 365, a powerhouse suite designed for seamless data management. However, the widespread adoption comes with a challenge—data security. Guard against potential breaches as employees handle sensitive information, ensuring your business thrives without compromising confidentiality.

miniOrange CASB for Microsoft Office 365 enterprise security

miniOrange CASB security (Cloud Access Security Broker) works with your SOC team to monitor any kind of “risky business activities” over the Office 365 apps. This helps them get a wider approach to monitoring user activities and transactions, mitigate threats, have deeper visibility over cloud threats, and perform detailed audits to get deeper insights into potential threats for Microsoft Office 365 enterprise security.

For each individual app, you can configure compliance checks to prevent data violations and unauthorized access across teams outside their access scopes. Let’s take a look at some important features provided under miniOrange CASB security (Cloud Access Security Broker). We developed our solution to secure data, data accessibility, and even team exchange of this data.

miniOrange CASB solution features for Office 365 enterprise security

Here are the top features of using miniOrange CASB security for your O365 apps.

  • Granular visibility and control: You can now obtain insights to the smallest level of detail for each of your Office 365 apps, and set custom access restriction rules to safeguard company data from reaching users out of the defined access scope.
  • Compliance Inclusion: Compliance with Office 365 enterprise security requirements for any business domain, to configure data protection and detailed insight gathering, prevent users from going against the business policies, and comply with the industry requirements with our CASB security.
  • DLP Integration: Data Loss Prevention (DLP), is a versatile and custom solution to prevent data breaches, even against the most advanced methods for website security, next-gen firewalls, spam, and phishing attack filters, and many more that work with cloud applications and can even extend to in house on-premise applications.
  • Analytics and Reports: Monitoring Cloud activity and generating threat reports help your teams to find fresh observations. This way you can visualize data to see increased unusual activity with an app and peak downtimes. This benefits the architecture teams by boosting their infrastructure for improved productivity with strong analytics.
  • User Risk Score Assessment: Depending on the user activity, a risk score is assigned to each user to flag them based on their activity with Office 365 apps. Once the score exceeds the threshold value, necessary security restrictions configured will revoke all access and isolate the user from further interacting with the Office 365 apps with our CASB solution.
  • Additional Solutions Incorporation: Alongside miniOrange CASB security, you can also check out our other Microsoft Office 365 enterprise security products as well. All our solutions can be integrated individually or alongside the miniOrange CASB.

Working of miniOrange CASB for Microsoft Office 365

Let’s see how Microsoft Office 365 CASB solution security works with an example:

Let’s say a company is using Microsoft 365 apps for daily information workflow. The company has enabled IP restriction with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and has whitelisted all the IP address ranges for the company network. Suppose there are 2 users: Tony and Joe in the organization. Tony is on the company network and Joe is not on the company network.

A CASB solution can be configured to allow or block users with Microsoft 365 restrictions.

  • Since Tony is on the company network, the CASB solution will whitelist his IP address. Hence, he will be authorized to use the Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Since Joe is not on the company network, the CASB solution will not whitelist his IP address. Hence, he will not be authorized to access any of the Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft Office 365 CASB Security

Microsoft 365 Apps Supported

Here’s the list of all the Microsoft 365 apps supported by the miniOrange CASB.


In this blog, we saw how miniOrange CASB provides all-round security for Microsoft Office 365 environment, easily providing your company’s security team with a seamless experience to monitor users at a granular level, set compliance policies, and get detailed insights for potential threats directed towards your company sensitive data stored on Office 365 apps.

So if you are on the market looking for a CASB solution (Cloud Access Security Broker) for Microsoft Office 365 enterprise security, miniOrange is the best solution to help you select the best features your company requires to mitigate risks. miniOrange provides the best global support on the market at the most cost-effective pricing to accommodate all your security needs. Drop us a query at to get started.

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