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Create Applications in social login Sites


  1. 1. Create an App in Facebook

  2. 2. Create an App in Google

  3. 3. Create an App in Twitter

  4. 4. Add Apps in miniOrange

Create an App in Facebook

  1. 1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/register
  2. 2. Login with your facebook credentials.
  3. 3. Click on Apps from top menu. Register a developer account if you don’t have one.

  4. 4. If you already have developer account then, Select Add a New App .

  5. 5. Select website platform.

  6. 6. Click on Skip and Create App Id on top right corner.

  7. 7. A pop-up box will appear, enter Display Name and Select Category for app and hit Create App button.

  8. 8. Select Settings menu from left sidebar then Click on +Add Platform.

  9. 9. Select website platform.

  10. 10. Enter this in App Domains : miniorange.com
  11. 11. Enter this in Site URL : http://miniorange.com . Enter your contact email. After that click on Save Changes button.

  12. 12. Go to Advanced Tab under Settings. Scroll down and enter :
          Valid OAuth redirect URIs - - https://login.xecurify.com/moas/openid-connect/client-app/callback
          after that click on Save Changes button.

  13. 13. Select Status & Review menu at left sidebar and change App status as highlighted.

  14. 14. A pop-up box will appear for confirmation. Hit Confirm button in the popup.
  15. 15. Select Dashboard menu from left sidebar. Copy API ID and API Secret Key in miniOrange dashboard.

Create an App in Google

  1. 1. Go to Google API Console https://console.developers.google.com/start and login with your Google account.
  2. 2. Then click on Select a Project dropdown and select create a project for your app.
  3. 3. Go to Credentials under API & auth .
  4. 4. Then click on OAuth consent screen and fill the product name. and Click on the Save button.

  5. 5. Go to Credentials under APIs & auth. Click on Add Credentials.Select OAuth 2.0 client ID

  6. 6 Select Application Type -> Web Application
        Authorized Javascript Origins – keep it empty.
        Authorized Redirect URI - https://login.xecurify.com/moas/openid-connect/client-app/callback
        Click on Create.
  7. 7. Client ID and Client secret will be displayed. Copy the Google generated Client ID and Secret and insert and save them on this page under "Insert Google Client ID and Client Secret".

Create an App in Twitter

  1. 1. Go to Twitter Developers section https://apps.twitter.com/ and log in with your Twitter credentials.
  2. 2. Click on Create a new application.

  3. 3. Fill out the required fields
    Website - http://miniorange.com
    Callback URL - https://login.xecurify.com/moas/openid-connect/client-app/callback.
    Accept Developer Rules and proceed to next step.

  4. 4. Navigate to Settings tab.
  5. 5. Check the option "Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter" and click on "Update settings" button.

  6. 6. Twitter generates API key and API secret, which you copy and paste on this page under "Twitter API Key and Secret".

  7. 7. Go to Permissions Tab . Select Read, Write and Access direct messages. Click on Update Settings Button.
  8. 8. You need to whitelist your twitter app for getting email permission – Go to https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform
  9. 9. Select I need access to special permissions radio button. Fill the form and submit the application.
  10. 10. Once your app is whitelisted. Go to Permissions Tab.
  11. 11. You will see an Additional Permissions Section.
  12. 12. Select email address and update settings.

Add Apps in miniOrange

  1. 1. Go to miniOrange Dashboard
  2. 2. Login with your admin credentials.
  3. 3. Go to Apps -> Manage Apps from menu.

  4. 4. Click on Configure App Button on top right corner.
  5. 5. Select OAuth2 Client Tab.

  6. 6. Select your app like facebook, google, twitter.
  7. 7. Click on Add App.
  8. 8. Enter the Client Id and Client Secret copied from you social login app here.

  9. 9. Enter scope needed for app. For Example: Copy these exact values
    For Facebook – email
    For Google – email profile
    For Twitter – email
    Save the app.

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