Credential Providers | Windows Single Sign On (SSO)
Logon to windows using miniOrange's credential providers

Credential Providers

Credential Providers allows user to logon to windows using credentials of different types(Password, OTP) as requested by provider. miniOrange provides Password and OTP credential providers . Credential providers which tell Windows which user they are associated with are referred to as v2 credential providers. Providers which don't provide that information are referred to as v1 credential providers. By default, any credential provider created in the Windows Vista or Windows 7 timeframe is a v1 credential provider.

Logon UI Overview

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, Logon UI was very much about choosing an authentication method first and foremost.Windows 8 is designed to be extremely personalized to each user on the PC. In Windows 8, user tiles are shown instead of multiple methods to authenticate a single user in the Deselected State screen (where credential tiles are enumerated in Windows Vista and Windows 7).

The example above shows the breakdown of items drawn by a credential provider.