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Credential Vault technology for Single Sign On
Stepwise guide to Credential Vault technology for Single Sign On. This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to apps to your employees within minutes.


miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) removes the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, which increases productivity and prevents many types of online fraud that is caused by using same or similar passwords across apps, tying in passwords in un-safe environments, password sharing etc. By enabling users to quickly and securely access applications, they can spend less time with technology and more time with their work.

Enterprise users regularly need to remember eight or more application passwords. Security best practices require those passwords be unique, strong and frequently changed. It’s no wonder enterprise users write them down, stick them to the monitor or just forget them.

miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) addresses these challenges by significantly reducing clicks and eliminating the need to remember or enter application usernames and passwords.

Why Credential Vault?

miniOrange provides two kinds of applications: one which supports SAML protocol and other which does not support SAML protocol for SSO. For the applications which do not support SAML protocol, we have Credential Vault technology to configure user credentials and single sign-on to the desired apps. Credential Vault lets you configure username and password of an application securely with miniOrange and single sign on to them. SSO for credential vault is managed using a browser extension. There are three different ways to configure user credentials under this technology depending on whether the administrator would like users configuring credentials for one or multiple users from belonging to same group; or the administrator would like the user to visit the user dashboard of miniOrange platform to configure apps or do it from their own site.

Configuring Credentials:

Single Sign-On to Apps:

After having configured the apps, there are two locations from where users can single sign-on to the apps: one is to have user visit the User Dashboard on the miniOrange platform and select the app they want to single sign-on to, or SSO externally.

Click here to check the guide for both the ways of SSO to apps.

Step-wise guide to Configuring Apps and SSO to Apps:

We have given the step by step guide to configure any application Single Sign On using Credential Vault. Here we have taken Dropbox as an example.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below to configure Dropbox Single Sign-On(SSO):

Step 1: Add Dropbox through the Admin console

Step 2: Configure Single Sign On (SSO) Settings for Dropbox App

For configuring credentials on behalf of the users, the second method comes in handy. It sets the default credentials for the user and the user doesn't need to configure the credentials by self. Here, we have taken Amazon as an example.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below to configure Amazon Single Sign-On(SSO):

Step 1: Configure Amazon through the Admin console

Next, we have provided a guide below for configuring apps with credentials of multiple users.This method is useful in a scenario when the administrator knows the credentials of the employees working in the same firm and have to configure an app used by all of them.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below to configure Amazon Single Sign-On(SSO):

Step 1: Configure Amazon through the Admin console

Single Sign-On to your App:

1.Single Sign On to Dropbox through User Dashboard:

2.Single Sign On to Amazon externally:

How to enable the browser extension?

Chrome :

Firefox :

Safari :

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