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Single Sign On (SSO) for Drupal
miniOrange provides a ready to use solution for Drupal. This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to your Drupal site within minutes.

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miniOrange SSO (Single Sign-on) provides secure autologin to all your apps in cloud or on-premise, from any mobile platform including iPhone, Android.It quickly increases security of information and resources for your Drupal app without worrying about time for initial set up or future upgrades.

miniOrange Supports the following Usecases for Drupal

Drupal As Service Provider

miniOrange provides solution to enables SSO into Drupal through various IDPs. Drupal can be configured as Service Provider for various different Identity Providers using miniOrange plugin.

Drupal As Identity Provider

miniOrange enables SSO with any of the SSO Protocols (SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, etc) using Drupal as an Identity source. This allows a user to access the application using their Drupal credentials.

Drupal As Service Provider Usecase

Drupal can be configured to use any SAML Identity Provider. miniorange SAML Identity Provider for user authentication. When a user requests access for a resource, Drupal sends a SAML authentication request to miniOrange IdP and the user has to login with their miniOrange account. On successful authentication, the user is provided access to the resource.

Drupal Single Sign On (SSO) service provider workflow

1. An unknown user tries to access Drupal Application.

2. Drupal creates a SAML authentication Request and sends it to the configured Identity Provider. The user is prompted to log in with their Identity Provider account.

3. The SAML Identity Provider sends back a SAML Response to the application. This response contains the user’s information as well as the authentication status, based on which the user is given access to the resource.

4. Upon successful authentication, the user is given access to the site.

Steps to Configure Drupal as SP Licensing Plans

Drupal can act as Service Provider with multiple IDPs

Drupal As Identity Provider Usecase

miniOrange can provide plugin to use Drupal as an Identity Provider as well as can also provide broker services to use Drupal as User Store to enable SSO. miniOrange SAML plugin enables SSO by providing broker services into client applications using Drupal User Store as identity source. The plugin uses identity details from Drupal and provides SSO based access to client applications.


Drupal as IDP Using Identity Broker Service

Drupal as IDP Using SSO Connector

Protocols supported SSO can be done using protocols such as SAML, OAuth/OIDC, External/JWT/PwdLess, WS-Fed, RADIUS. SSO can be done using protocols such as SAML, WS-Fed, JWT.
2FA / MFA support It supports various MFA methods such as OTP over SMS, Email, PUSH, Soft Token, Security Questions, Google Authenticator. X
Adaptive Authentication Supports Restrict Access based on Location (IP based restriction), Time Based Access Restriction, Device-Based Access Restriction, Idle Session timeout, etc. X
Multiple IDP Support Multiple IDPs can be configured along with different User Stores. X
SSO Audit Audit of SSO users is available. X
End User Dashboard A single dashboard for end-user where the user can see all the apps configured for him, and he can log in into the SP using a single click. Short-codes for Drupal sites are available that can be added on any page which will log in user to the SP.
X.509 Certificate A unique certificate and metadata for each SP configured. Same but configurable certificate for all of the SP configured.

Drupal as IDP Using Identity Broker Service

With miniOrange Identity broker service you can delegate all your single sign on requirements, user management, 2 factor authentication and even risk based access at the click of a button and focus on your business case. We can integrate with any type of app even if it does not understand any standard protocol like SAML, OpenId Connect or OAuth. miniOrange Single Sign-On Service can establish trust between two apps via secure https endpoint and automated user mapping to achieve SSO.

You can configure any User store like Drupal to single sign-on into applications which don’t support any protocol or supports protocols other than OAuth like SAML, WS-FED, JWT, etc. for single sign-on using miniOrange cross-protocol support.

Drupal Single Sign On (SSO) user store workflow


1. An unknown user tries to access any external application.

2. The Application sends an authentication request to miniOrange broker service, using any protocol that the application supports.

3. User is redirected to miniOrange login page, where the user enters their credentials to authorize the application.

4. The miniOrange broker service forwards the authentication request along with the user's credentials to Drupal.

5. The Drupal Server authenticates the user and sends the response to miniOrange broker service.

6. miniOrange broker service sends an authentication response to the Application. This response contains the user’s information as well as the authentication status, based on which the user is given access to the resource.

7. Upon successful authentication, the user is given access to the resource.

Drupal As IDP Using Plugin

miniorange Single Sign On plugin can use Drupal as Identity Provider. The miniOrange SSO plugin forwards user authentication requests to Drupal. After successful authorization using Drupal credentials, the user is given access to the requested resource.

Drupal Single Sign On (SSO) idp workflow


1. User tries to access the resources on any external application.

2. miniOrange SSO connector sends an authorization request to Drupal.

3. User is redirected to the login page of Drupal.

4. Drupal asks the user to login and authorizes the application.

5. Drupal authenticates the user and sends the authorization code to miniOrange Connector.

6. miniOrange SSO Connector logs in the user with received attributes.

7. The user gets authenticated and logged in. Thus, the application gives access to the resources.

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