Hello Sanjay,

Allow us to introduce miniOrange – An IT Security company with most advanced security products and solutions for your customers which will finally ensure:
  • No more online fraud
  • No more complex passwords to remember
  • No transaction happens without approval
  • Instant notifications - Anytime, Anywhere, Any device

We do not need to tell you that cybercriminals continue to attack Banks and financial institutions. As you build security controls, often you are either catching up with these criminals or you end up degrading the customer experience by inserting additional security barriers.

Our Products


Strong Authentication:

A true multi-factor authentication with maximum Security, lowest TCO which supports a wide range of authentication methods and achieves FFIEC Compliance for Banks.

Fraud Prevention:

Most advanced and Behavioral Risk based access which proactively detects and prevents Frauds before they actually occur at no compromise of usability.

Single Sign-On:

Extremely easy to use and instantly delivers Seamless and secured access to all enterprise resources. Once Authenticated, users can login to any Cloud, On Premise or Legacy apps


Get more information on product features and technology at www.miniorange.com

or call us at +1.630.400.5239 to learn more

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