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EVE Online SSO for WordPress
Login to WordPress through EVE Online.
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EVE Online Single Sign On for WordPress

Now experience seamless one-click login with the new OAuth APIs of EVE Online for WordPress. Easily configure your WordPress account to login using miniOrange OAuth Login. In addition to login, miniOrange OAuth Login also provisions saving Character Name, Corporation and Alliances.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide to enable miniOrange OAuth Login widget for WordPress

Step 1: Download and install miniOrange OAuth Login widget

Step 2: Setup miniOrange OAuth Login widget:

Step 3: Advanced EVE Online Setup:

miniOrange Authentication and Single Sign on products have ready integrations with number of leading providers, these ready solutions allow enterprises quickly increase security of information and resources without worrying about time for initial set up or future upgrades.

Click here to see our step by step guide for Single Sign on.

Click here to see our step by step guide for Strong Authentication.

If you dont find what you are looking for, Please contact us at info@miniorange.com or call us at +1 978 658 9387 to find an answer to your question about Single Sign on or Strong Authentication.

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