Fraud Prevention API Guide
A guide on how to use miniOrange Fraud Prevention product.


Fraud Prevention provides the ability to dynamically analyse user requests for corporate information and apply business security policy to application access to minimize the risk of improper data exposure or loss.

Fraud Prevention uses both device fingerprints and behavioral data to come up with a risk score, based on which you either permit or deny access. This risk score would become a second factor in authentication, the first factor being passwords or any another "normal" authentication. The risk score can also be used to determine if further information is needed from the end user to complete the transaction.


Steps to integrate miniOrange Fraud Prevention API

Step 1: Import miniOrange JS/SWF files in your web page

Part A: miniOrange Fraud Prevention API package contains various JS (Javascript) files that you will need to import in your web pages from where you like to call miniOrange APIs.

Part B: There are 4 fraud prevention APIs that you need to call (The Javascript files that you included makes these calls):