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miniOrange Authenticator
Enable 2-Factor Authentication for Gmail using miniOrange Authenticator

2-Factor For Gmail

miniOrange 2-factor authenticator can protect any cloud app. Simplest app for consumers with enhanced security options for enterprises.

Google Authenticator Vs. miniOrange Authenticator

miniOrange Authenticator manages the google Authenticator keys better and easier by providing these extra features:

  1. miniOrange encrypts all data, whereas Google Authenticator stores data in plain text.
  2. miniOrange Authenticator app has an extra layer of security i.e. the app has in-build Pin-Protection so you can protect your google authenticator keys or whole app using pin whereas Google Authenticator is not protected at all. No one can steal your keys at all.
  3. No need to type in the code at all. Just download miniOrange plugin,it can seamlessly connect your computer to your phone. Code will get auto filled and saved.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide to enable 2-Factor Authentication for Gmail using miniOrange Authenticator

Step 1: Configure 2-step verification for Gmail:

Step 2: Verify your phone number:

Step 3: Pairing with miniOrange authenticator app:

to configure miniOrange Authenticator app.
  • Download the miniOrange authenticatorapp in your phone.
    1. Android Users - Go to Google Play Store. Search for miniOrange. Download and install the mobile app(i'm me).
    2. iPhone Users - Go to App Store and search for miniOrange. Download and install the mobile app(miniOrange Authenticator).
  • Open your app, click on configure to configure it accordingly.

  • If any account is configured already then instead of clicking configure button, click on user icon to configure new account.

  • Scan the barcode using your app present on your screen.
  • Now enter the code produced by the app and click on Verify and Save.

  • Your Gmail account is now paired with miniOrange Authenticator app.
  • Next time you open your app, the code will get automatically generated.

Step 4: Install the auto-fill plugin for your browser

If you want to fill the verification code automatically during sign-in. for steps.
  • For Chrome browser : Download miniOrange - Two Factor Autofill extension from chrome webstore and install it.
  • For Firefox browser : 1. Right click the link to download miniOrange - Two Factor Autofill extension and save link as.
    2. Open Firefox browser and go to Add-ons Manager by pressing (ctrl + shift + A).
    3. Click on setting button near search bar and click install add-on from file.
    4. Add downloaded firefox.xpi file and click install in pop-up. Extension is added to firefox browser.
  • For Safari browser : Click here to download miniOrange - Two Factor Autofill extension.
  • After installing extension you only need to press green button of respective application in miniOrange Authenticator app. Verification code generated by miniOrange Authenticator app will be filled automatically, and you will be logged into your account.
  • Your phone must be connected to internet for autofilling verification code.

  • Benefits of using 2-Factor Authentication for Gmail:

    • Adds an extra higher level of security. You can protect your account with something you know(password) and something you have(phone).
    • Better protection against phishing. You will always be asked for the security code if you login from an unauthorized device or insecure network.
    • No internet connection is required by our miniOrange Authenticator for generating the code, which is uniquely crafted for your account and can be used only once.
  • Benefits of App generated verification codes over Security Key

    • No need to keep security key always with you.
    • If you lose security key anyone else can access your account. In case of verification codes using miniOrange authenticatior you can protect your verification codes with pin protection.
  • Benefits of App generated verification codes over OTP(SMS/voice)

    • miniOrange Authenticator generates secure tokens offline, so this way you can authenticate securely even when in airplane mode. If you travel constantly ,you won't lose access to your accounts due to unavailabilty of network.
    • Changing mobile number will not cause any problem in case of app generated verification codes.
    • If you have internet connectivity, No need to type in the code at all. You just need press to a button on miniOrange Authenticator, verification Code will get auto filled by miniOrange - Two factor Autofill extension.
    • No need to wait for SMS/voice call, miniOrange extension takes less than 1 second to fill in verification code.
  • How to remove your device(computer) from list of Registered Computers in Gmail account

    • Login into Gmail account. In the upper right corner, click the dropdown and choose My Account.
    • Click on Signing in to Google under Sign-in & security section.
    • Click on 2-step verification in the Password & sign-in method section.
    • Click on Registered Computers and then click on Require codes button.
    • A popup will appear on screen. Click on Remove this computer from my trusted list button.
    • Next time when you try to login, you will be asked for verification code if 2 step verification in ON.

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