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G Suite (Google Apps) Directory Integration of miniOrange

G-Suite as Identity Provider

G-Suite is a very popular application which is used for making corporate groups for important discussions or meetings in a company. Google has a number of features that makes it important for departments, teams and special-interest groups to manage their own group memberships and participate in online discussions. There is the admin console in G-Suite which supports mapping of the user when G Suite is set up for Single sign-on.

In Google apps individual can be easily mapped but when group mapping is concerned, some restrictions are imposed. these restrictions are listed below:

  • Google Groups for Business limits message activity, group size, invitations, and membership. The number of transactions are restricted as well. If you reach one of the limits, your activity is temporarily restricted. The restriction typically lasts an hour but can last as long as 24 hours.
  • Also, Google provides the API which supports only retrieving the list of groups that the user is directly a part of and not the parent groups of a user.( Suppose the user is part of Group A and the same user is a part of Group B as well which is parent group for the user. Then only the user's Group A can be retrieved.)

It will automate a one time sync from G-Suite to miniOrange even if the changes are made in the miniorange then it will get mapped with the G-Suite automatically.

miniOrange with Directory Integration of G Suite

With miniOrange you can take complete control over application access, user provision and deprovision in real time and you can also add second factor authentication. Our Identity and access management system is rooted in G Suite which provides an identity for authentication. G Suite end-users will enjoy miniOrange single sign-on across desktop, web, mobile, two-factor authentication as well as the approval of applications.

Directory is a specialized database that is specially made for storage of the users and the other attributes. Directories typically store data that does not change often such as employee information, user policies, and group membership on the office network. It will automatically import the user accounts from G Suite into miniOrange, so you don't have to import them by manually. Users can synchronize with G Suite in real time so that any changes in roles, groups are reflected directly into G-Suite. It will continuously monitor G Suite for new or updated users and instantly creating/updating those users in miniOrange.

Select Google if you want to continue to use G Suite as your directory and authentication source. In this case, your users passwords will be managed by G Suite, and miniOrange authenticates users against their G Suite credentials. It will keep miniOrange updated whenever users are added or updated in G suite. New users are passed to miniOrange in the real-time after authentication using G Suite credentials. Also, G suite gets updated whenever users are added or updated in miniOrange.

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