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Single Sign On for GoToMeeting (global)
miniOrange provides a ready to use solution for GoToMeeting (global). This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to GoToMeeting (global) to your employees within minutes.

GoToMeeting (global)

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created and marketed by LogMeIn. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software package that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time.

miniOrange SSO (Single Sign-on) product provides ready integrations with number of leading providers. SSO for GoToMeeting (global) provides you secure auto-login to your app. It allows enterprises to quickly increase security of information and resources without worrying about time for initial set up or future upgrades.

Why Single Sign-On?

  • Single Sign-On product by miniOrange lets you login to your GoToMeeting (global) app using a single click once your login credentials are saved on our portal.

  • Support for remote Logins such as Radius VPN, Website Protection, ADFS, Windows, Citrix

  • miniOrange's Single Sign-On product is not limited to corporate apps only, you can add your own personal apps.

Click here to see our step by step guide for Single Sign on.

  • GoToMeeting supports only SP(Service Provider) initiated Single Sign On(SSO)

      In SP Initiated Login, SAML request is initiated by GoToMeeting as SP.

      • Enduser first goes to GoToMeeting login page and clicks on MY COMPANY ID:
      • Enduser then is redirected to the Miniorange IDP login page where he submits his credentials and on successfull authentication is redircted back to GoToMeeting with logged in session.
  • We can connect with any External IDP/Directory

    miniOrange provides user authentication from external directories like ADFS, Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, OpenLDAP, Google, AWS Cognito etc. It also provides user authentication with other IDPs like Shibboleth, PING, Okta, OneLogin, KeyCloak and many more.

    Can't find your IDP ? Contact us on idpsupport@xecurify.com. We'll help you set it up in no time.

    Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below for GoToMeeting Single Sign On (SSO).

    Step 1: Configure GoToMeeting in miniOrange

    1. Login to miniOrange Admin Console.
    2. Go to Apps >> Manage Apps. Click Configure Apps button.
    3. Click on SAML tab. Select Custom App.
    4. Add a App name for your SAML App.
    5. Enter the SP Entity ID or Issuer as https://authentication.logmeininc.com/saml/sp
    6. Enter the ACS URL as https://authentication.logmeininc.com/saml/acs
    7. GoToMeeting Single Sign On (sso) add SAML APP

    8. Select Name ID as Email Address
    9. Select Name ID Format as urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
    10. Go to the Add Policy and select DEFAULT from the Group Name dropdown.
    11. Now enter the GoToMeeting in the Policy Name field.
    12. Select PASSWORD from the First Factor Type dropdown.
    13. GoToMeeting Single Sign On (sso) add policy

    14. Click on Save button to configure GoToMeeting.
    15. GoToMeeting Single Sign On (sso) metadata

    Step 2: Setting Miniorange as Identity Provider in GoToMeeting

    • Login to https://organization.logmeininc.com as an admin.
    • In the Email Domains tab add the email domain from which you want to allow users to login using your identity provider.
    • In the Identity Provider tab, select Manual from the drop-down menu.
    • GoToMeeting Single Sign On (sso) add identity provider

    • Enter SAML Login URL you obtained from your app metadata into the Sign-in page URL field.
    • Select Sign-in binding as REDIRECT.
    • Enter SAML Logout URL you obtained from your app metadata into the Sign-out page URL field.
    • Paste the X.509 Certificate copied from metadata into Verification Certificate field. It must start with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and end with -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    • You can also downlaod the certificate from Metadata tab in IDP and Upload it here by clicking on Upload Certificate button.
    • Save the configuration.

    Step 3: How to login into GoToMeeting using Miniorange IDP

    • Go to the appropriate LogMeIn product login page
      E.g :- https://global.gotomeeting.com/
    • GoToMeeting Single Sign On (sso) login

    • On the login page click on MY COMPANY ID: and enter your e-mail address that is linked with your user account in Miniorange IDP.
    • Now you will be redirected to miniOrange Self Service Console.
    • Enter your sign-in credentials and submit.
    • On successfull authentication you will be redirected back to GoToMeeting with a active user session.

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