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Google Workspace 

Google Workspace SSO let users access their Google Account using a single set of login credentials & removes the hassle to log into any Google apps separatley. To add additional layer of security, you can choose from 15+ 2FA methods to enable 2FA for your Google Workspace.

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Google workspace sso 2fa integration

Google workspaces Single Sign-on (SSO)

Google Workspace SSO (Single Sign-On) solution by miniOrange lets user SSO into any Google Apps using a single set of credentials. Cloud Identity or Google Workspace SSO solution provides easy, secure and seamless access by establishing a trust relationship between the Service Provider and Identity Provider. The user credentials and other identifying information are stored and managed by a centralized system called Identity Provider (IdP).
Along with miniOrange IDP (Identity Provider) miniOrange provides user authentication from User store and third party IdP/external directories like ADFS, Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Google, AWS Cognito and much of more. Google Workspace Single Sign-On solution provides SSO services for multiple google applications like Gmail, Drive, Calender, Analytics, Adwords, Classroom, Cloud Platform, Data Studio and various other applications. SSO integration with Cloud Identity or Google Workspace prevents users to log in separately into different applications eliminating user-managed passwords which lessens down the difficulty of remembering and entering username and password repeatedly. Click here to setup Google workspace SSO.

Google Workspace Two Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)

Alongside SSO, if you want to integrate a high end security for user authentication then miniOrange 2FA solution will assist you with this by taking 2-step verification before providing access to your users. Enabling Google Apps 2FA solution, adds an additional layer of security ensuring only trusted users and devices are accessing Google Applications. miniOrange supports 15+ 2FA methods alongside adaptive authentication factors like IP and Device restriction, Location and time-based access. Given setup documents will assist you with SSO and 2FA integration steps with reference to different Google Applications and the way to put in, setup, and configure them accordingly. Click here to learn more about Google workspace 2FA.

Google workspace 2FA / MFA solution

Google Workspace SSO (Single Sign-On) Solutions

Adaptive Authentication for Google Workspace

Adaptive authentication is an advanced form of multi-factor authentication (MFA), it prompts different authentication factors counting on the behavior, device IP, Geo-Location of the user which directly makes security level to the very best. By enabling Adaptive Authentication for Google Apps, you case accept/deny user's permission based on their device IP, location and other factors . We provides various Adaptive Authentication methods like - IP Restriction Configuration, Device Restriction Configuration, Location Restriction Configuration, and Time Restriction Configuration. Given setup documents will assist you for configuring and setting up different Adaptive Authentication methods for Google Workspace.

Setup Guides to Integrate SSO for Google Workspace

Streamline Workforce and Customer security with designated features

Features Section

SSO Integration using existing IDP’s and User Store

Use your existing IDP credentials to SSO into Microsoft apps. No need to onboard your users separately, we use existing user stores like IDP, OAuth/OpenID, Azure Active Directory (AAD)/ LDAP, etc.

Role Based 2FA with Backup Codes

Admin can enable or disable 2FA for a particular user role and for any particular application. We offer to log in using backup codes whenever the user is not having the phone available.

Passwordless and offline Authentication

Allows users to log in using Username and OTP thus, preventing the need to enter Password. We also allow users to log in even if there is no internet available by using 2FA methods such as soft token.

Customized SSO Login Page

Customize your login page according to your requirements. Contact us at info@xecurify.com for customizing the login page specifically for you.

Adaptive Authentication

Reduces authentication burden. Prompts for strong authentication only it's needed the foremost.(changed geographical area, device change, network change etc)

User Provisioning

Updates user information in your integrated directory once you manage user accounts (Create, Update, Delete) in your miniOrange service.


Boost Productivity

Google Workforce SSO and 2FA with third party IdP solution gives better productivity and user experience as users don't have to login multiple times or remember different passwords to login to different apps.

No need to remember URLs

No need to remember different applications URLs, as users are only using one set of credentials to login to multiple Google applications.

Enhanced Security with Fraud Prevention

Having a second form of identification decreases the chance of a hacker gaining access to computing systems or other sensitive information preventing users from security breaches.

Low management Cost

When you use the 2FA/MFA process, you’ll have less suspicious activity on customer accounts, which means you’ll spend less money on security management.

Branding / Customization

We provide customization on our products which are platform independent and easily accessed by an end user.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go subscription model with less fees and free 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions.

If it possible to restrict access to Google Workspaces for certain sets of users?

Yes you can enable policy based upon organizational units.

Can we restrict access to our Google Workspaces outside the office network or after office hours?

Yes you can restrict access to Google Workspaces, by enabling our IP restriction and Time restriction feature in adaptive authentication.

Can we integrate AD with G Suite to manage password changes?

If you upgraded your phone, all of your configured account's data are going to be wiped out then you'll need to re-configure your account using the second-factor methodYes we do support Ad integrations with G Suite , you can manage your user’s identities and authenticate via AD as authentication source.

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