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Simple, Secure SSO 
solutions for Zoho Apps

miniOrange's SSO solution let users Single Sign-On with an additional layer of 2FA authentication to protect access for both on-premise and cloud-based Zoho applications.

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SSO and 2FA solution for Microsoft Applications

SSO for Zoho Applications

With miniOrange SSO solution users can login into Zoho apps with a Single Set of credentials. Zoho SSO solution provides easy, secure, and seamless access by establishing a trust relationship between the service provider and identity provider. miniOrange Identity provider (IDP) is responsible to manage and store user's identities. Zoho Single Sign On solution provides SSO services for multiple Zoho applications like Zoho Books, Subscriptions, Invoice, Docs, CRM, Personale, etc. Using miniOrange Single Sign On solution users can simply sign in multiple applications with a single more complex password.

Zoho SSO (Single Sign-On) Solutions

Zoho SSO (Single Sign-On) Solutions

2FA for Zoho Applications

miniOrange provides a Zoho 2FA solution that adds an extra layer of security ensuring only trusted users and devices are accessing Zoho applications. It helps you to integrate 2FA for your admin system easily with 15+ 2FA methods. Along with 2FA methods, miniOrange supports adaptive authentication factors like IP and Device restriction, location, and time-based access. Given setup documents will assist you with SSO and 2FA integration steps with reference to different Zoho applications and the way to put in , setup and configure them accordingly.

SSO solution for Zoho Applications provided by miniOrange


Boost Productivity

Zoho SSO gives better productivity and user experience as users don't have to login multiple times or remember different passwords to login to different Zoho applications.

No need to remember URLs

No need to remember different applications URLs, as users are only using one set of credentials to login to multiple Zoho applications.

Enhanced Security with Fraud Prevention

Having a second form of identification decreases the chance of a hacker gaining access to computing systems or other sensitive information preventing users from security breaches.

Low management Cost

When you use the 2FA process, you’ll have less suspicious activity on customer accounts, which means you’ll spend less money on security management.

Branding / Customization

We provide customization on our products which are platform independent and easily accessed by an end user.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go subscription model (based on active users) with less fees and free 24/7 support

Streamline Workforce and Customer security with designated features

Features Section

Authenticate with External IdPs

Use your existing Identity Provider (IDP) to authenticate into Zoho applications. No need to onboard your users separately, we provide uninterrupted access to users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add extra layer of security layer to your Zoho applications. It ensures the right set of eyes have access to your sensitive information sitting on the cloud or on-premise. We support 15+ MFA methods.

Directory Integration

Easily Integrate your existing LDAP/Active Directory , or any SQL database in miniOrange to provide users SSO login using their existing credentials and secure access to Zoho applications.

User Provisioning

Updates user information in your integrated directory when you manage user information like CREATE, DELETE or UPDATE user accounts in miniOrange.

Adaptive Authentication

Reduces authentication burden. Prompts for strong authentication only it's needed the foremost.(changed geographical area, device change, network change etc)

Device & IP Restriction

Admin can limit there users to login from specific Ips and devices. This Adaptive Authentication factors provide additional security to your Zoho Applications.

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