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miniOrange 2FA solution for Resellers

miniOrange 2-factor Authentication for Resellers

About our Strong Authentication Solution

miniOrange 2-factor authentication delivers strong authentication via a range of methods ( 15+ authentication methods ), including text message, mobile app verification, hardware tokens and many more. The authentication methods that are widely preferred by our customers are Google Authenticator, Hardware/Software Tokens and text message.

We also have a miniOrange Authenticator App for Android and iOS that supports login via the 2-factor authentication methods like Push Notification, Soft Token, and QR Code Authentication.

Backup methods and recovery mechanisms become essential when 2FA is enabled. For example, in cases where the user does not have access to his phone, he can either answer Security Questions or enter an One time passcode sent to his email address, to get access.

We also provide Risk Based Access ( RBA ) on top of 2FA, which decides if the user can be securely identified without the need of 2-factor when he is logging in from a trusted Device / Location / Time range or based on a custom policy. You can also block the IP ranges that you want to allow or deny access to.

In addition to this, 2FA can also be integrated to any application that supports protocols like RADIUS, SAML to name a few. Some of the prominent use cases are 2FA for a VPN / Remote desktop server login while trying to access protected resources.

In short - ​we have all the 2FA features you can think of!

Integration of our 2FA solution

Our 2-factor authentication solution can be integrated with the customer's applications in 2 ways:

  1. API Integration

    We have REST API's for 2-factor authentication that needs to be called from the application requesting access, to challenge, and to validate the 2nd factor.

    The initial username/password validation of the user is carried out in the application, and after it is a success, miniOrange comes in to picture for providing 2-factor validation. This can be achieved for both the cases where the users are enrolled, and not enrolled with miniOrange.

  2. 2FA on top of Single Sign On

    miniOrange Single Sign On server supports SSO into any application that supports protocols like SAML, OAuth, WS-FED, RADIUS, JWT tokens. etc,
    If the application of interest supports any of these, 2-factor authentication from miniOrange can be extended easily on top of Single Sign on.

    When the user is trying to login to the application, miniOrange receives the request and validates the initial username/password validation of the user, and then prompts the user for 2-factor authentication.

How will my experience be, as a reseller?

  1. Reselling to customers

    You will be reselling our product to one or more customers who are looking for the solutions we provide - SSO, 2-factor authentication, Fraud Prevention, etc. and they will have an admin dashboard to themselves that they can use to manage users, groups, set customer policies, and many more options like these.

  2. Managed Service Providers

    In this case, you will be a super admin, and will be provisioning the services to one or more customer admins.
    Which means, in addition to the customers having an admin dashboard to themselves, you, being the super admin, will have a dashboard with which you will be able to manage the customers under you in one place. You can also see the reports of the customers's usage and they are readily available for download too, making it as easy as possible for you.


You get world class support and our team brings extensive experience and expertise in Security Consulting and Product development. This, has been proven by the reviews we get from our customers, time and again.


Our pricing also stands out to be one of the best in the world given the features we provide, and you can be assured of that.

Reselling our 2FA product

You can either resell our product as such ( as miniOrange 2-factor authentication solution ) or as an Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ). If you prefer the latter, consulting and customization charges will be applied on top of the product price.

Please find the sample reseller agreement here.

Please contact us at info@xecurify.com for more details.

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