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OpenIDM Services
Services for OpenIDM - Identity Management

OpenAM, which is an open source access management, entitlements and federation server platform, provides, "all-in-one" access management solution that includes Authentication, SSO, Authorization, Federation, Entitlements, Adaptive Authentication, Strong Authentication, and Web Services Security. OpenAM provides context-aware single sign-on access for all types of devices.

Solutions provided by OpenAM: Access Management

OpenAM:Access Management software under its free distribution offers its major releases and a community forum for discussion. Inspite of OpenAM having huge feature set, their support offering feature doesn't come under free disrtibution. It happens most of the time, that customers who are coming for a product needs support, for any possible reason, may it be related to product deployment, usability or a completely new use case. miniOrange can provide support for OpenAM, in case a user gets stuck with these kind of issues.

We can provide support for OpenAM in the following ways:

Apart from providing support for OpenAM services we offer services through miniOrange products. We can help you in removing administrative overheads involed in deployment and small issues that might come across while using them, we make sure that you concentrate more on your core development process rather than dealing with security issues. We welcome the new requirements at any phase of development process, customize them and make changes based on customers' requirements and having high quality deliverables .

If you have any such requirements or got stuck with some of the Access Management issues, feel free to contact us at info@xecurify.co.in or give us a call at +1 978 658 9387.

We offer Security Solutions of Single Sign-On, Two Factor Authentication, Fraud Prevention and much more.

Please call us at +1978 658 9387 (US), +91 77966 99612 (India) or email us at info@xecurify.com