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Job Openings for Sports Quota
At miniOrange, we employ the brightest and smartest people who can add energy and optimism to our already enthusiastic and fast growing team.

If you are meritorious in swimming, running or cycling then we are here to help you to make your career in IT

Software Intern

Status: Intern

Minimum Qualification :HSC

Job Requirement : 4,6 or 8 hours (Optional) daily.

Apply Now by sending your resume to operations@xecurify.com

Software Jobs

Status: Employee

Minimum Qualification :Graduation

Job Requirement : 8 hours daily.

Apply Now by sending your resume to operations@xecurify.com

We are an IT company pioneering in the security domain with thousands of customers around the world.This position has been introduced to help sports persons to get into the software industry. Sports includeed in Sports Quota are Athletics, Swimming and Triathlon. If you fit into the above, then please send your resume to operations@xecurify.com

If you are an employee at miniOrange, you will get extra benefits.

A group of triathlete enthusiasts is making it easy for talented athletes to compete at Ironman events.

Our CEO, an Ironman, Anirban Mukherji’s efforts in promoting sports was recently covered by Pune Mirror. People say, finishing an Ironman is all about mental toughness, but hardly anyone knows what it takes to reach the podium — especially the top, when the national anthem is played. Ever since the first Ironman event of India was announced last year, Recreational Triathletes, a group of triathlon enthusiasts who came together in 2016, had only one goal for it: “Jana Gana Mana bajwa denge” (“Jana Gana Mana shall play for us”). The anthem was played, and they sang along together, on October 20 this year when Bishworjit Saikhom clinched the gold at the first Indian Ironman in Goa. More Details

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