PHP SAML 2.0 Connector
miniOrange provides secure access to your applications with only one set of credentials using a simple tool known as the PHP SAML 2.0 Connector.

PHP SAML 2.0 Connector


miniOrange PHP SAML 2.0 Connector acts as a SAML Service Provider which can be configured to establish the trust between the connector and a SAML capable Identity Provider to securely authenticate the users into your application.
The connector uses the SAML protocol for exchanging authentication and authorization data with the Identity Provider.

Download the plugin by clicking the link below:

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miniOrange PHP SAML 2.0 Connector Features

Steps to Configure the PHP SAML 2.0 Connector

Step 1: Download and Setup the connector on your domain.

Step 2: Configure the connector using your Identity Provider details

Step 3: Test the Configuration

Step 4: Setup the connector to work with your Application

Once the SSO test was successful, you can provide an Application URL, to where the users will be redirected after logging in.

You can configure the miniOrange PHP SAML 2.0 Connector with any Identity Provider such as ADFS, Azure AD, Bitium, Centrify, G Suite, JBoss Keycloak, Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce, AWS Cognito or even with your own custom identity provider.

The miniOrange PHP SAML 2.0 Connector is supported by various PHP Frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, Phalcon, Yii Framework, Aura, Fat-Free, PHP-MVC, Kohana, FuelPHP, Slim, Flight, Zikula, PHPixie, Li3, Nett, Medoo, POP PHP, PHP Mini, Silex, Agavi, Typo 3 Flow, Prado, Cappuccino, Limonade, Webasyst, Guzzle PHP, YAF, Akelos PHP Framework, Qcodo, evoCore, Stratus, Seagull, Maintainable, Limb, Phocoa, AjaxAC, Zoop, BlueShoes, Recess, PHPDevShell, Ice Framework, QueryPHP, Dash PHP Framework, Zest Framework, Roducks, and many more.

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