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Identity and access management for Online Gaming Websites
miniOrange provides best in class security solutions to online players.

With enormous growth in technology, our age old single player video games has been replaced by massive multiplayer online gaming websites. According to Statstica, online gaming revenue is going to be 35 billion US dollars as compared to 19 billion US dollars in 2011. With this drastic increase in revenue, there is a great need to increase security for online gaming but how?

What kinds of risks are associated with gaming industry?

How miniOrange can help resolving these risks present in gaming world?

What sets miniOrange to stand out from best in class solutions?

Since many security breaches are observed on cloud and on prem nowadays, miniOrange provides extensive range (about 15+) of Strong Authentication Methods to choose from, this ensures your cloud data and resources remain secure. We offer HR driven provisioning and deprovisoning, which makes onboarding user and deprovisoning user into our system very simple keeping in mind security issues. Single Sign on integration with 3000 apps and counting. All the above product's services with world class features and well within your budget.

miniOrange Products provide security to Gaming Industry :

  • Strong Authentication

    We offer wide range of authentication methods viz. Push, Hardware/Software Token, Voice Authentication etc. Authentication yourself using any device, anytime and from anywhere. Protect player's perosnal and sensitive informtaion sensitive information like credit card details, bank account details, address etc. from cyber attcks using our Strong Authentication Product.

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  • Single Sign-on

    miniOrange provides Single Sign on solution for thousands of app, be it cloud app, web app or any legacy app. We provide seamless integration to all the possible apps. Only one set of login credential for all your apps. Configure your apps once and access them thereafter using a single click.

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  • Fraud Prevention

    We support a combination of the Device id, Location and Time of access as multi-factor authentication that can detect and block fraud in real-time, without any interaction with the user. It also prevents frauds with its dynamic risk engine in conjunction with enterprise specific security policy.

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