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Single Sign-On for Inkling

About Inkling

Inkling is a mobile smart content system providing service to portable application users. End-Users want to access the content through Inkling at any moment of time for 24 hours. Quick access to the shared applications through Inkling can improve the business bottom line, save users time for log in and improves the user experience to log in. Single Sign-On implementation can improve all this and contribute to accelerate business throughput.


The users time to log in is a consistent issue if some important transactions are handled via Inkling. Most of the users have accounts in frequently used web applications, which they prefer to use in order to reduce theft of passwords. The user can't access Inkling using those credentials and log in with a single click. Single Sign-On for Inkling using WordPress/Joomla/Drupal is not possible directly.


miniOrange has successfully built a plugin whose integration with WordPress/Joomla/Drupal makes Single Sign-On possible between Inkling and WordPress or other applications which are in Joomla and Drupal. Using our "WordPress Plugin", "Joomla Plugin", and "Drupal Plugin" Single Sign-On can be enabled for existing WordPress/Joomla/Drupal site, and users can log in to Inkling using the same credentials.

Steps to configure Inkling as SP

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