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Single Sign-On for Redmine using miniOrange

About Redmine

Redmine is an open source project management tool. It has many features in addition to self-registration for team members, which makes it easier for employees to use. Redmine also has a provision for different application program interfaces, where integrations like Single Sign-On can be added. Implementing Single Sign-On provides ease of access, saves time for login and also reduces cost.


Single Sign-On sets up strict controls for employee access along with the need for preventing configuration changes. If the user needs to login using miniOrange credentials there should be appropriate application support for login. Since there is no sync between miniOrange and Redmine, users can't login directly using credentials from miniOrange.


miniOrange server has all the features which help the user to login to Redmine. With Single Sign-On if the user is already logged in to miniOrange, he gets automatically logged in to Redmine without any need to enter credentials the second time. Thus, if Single Sign-On is set up for Redmine using miniOrange server it helps the employee to login without any security threat.


Steps to configure SSO settings for Redmine:

A) Configure the Redmine application for Single Sign-On.

B) In the miniOrange Admin Portal, add the application and configure application settings.

A) Configure the Redmine application for Single Sign-On.

  • First configure the application settings of the Admin Portal and Redmine application and launch the application through the user portal.
  • Redmine requirements for SSO.
  • Before you configure the Redmine web application for SSO, you need the following.

    1. An active Redmine account with administrator rights for your organization.

    2. A signed certificate.

    3. Download the certificate from Admin Portal or there is an option to use the organization’s trusted certificate.

  • Setting up the certificates for SSO.
    • To establish a trusted connection between the Redmine application and the miniOrange , you need to have the same signing certificate in both the application and the application settings in Admin Portal.
    • If individual certificate is used upload the signing certificate and its key in a .pfx or .p12 file to the application settings Admin Portal. Also upload the public key certificate in a .cer or .pem file to the web application.

    Configuring Redmine in Admin Portal:

  • To add and configure the Redmine application in Admin Portal:

    • Open the Admin Portal, click Apps, then click Add Web Apps.
    • On the Search tab, enter the name of application in the Search field and click the search icon.
    • Next to application icon, click Add.
  • Open the Add Web App screen and click Yes for confirmation.
  • The application that you just added now opens to the Application Settings page.
  • B) SSO set up in miniOrange

    Step 1: Creating App in miniOrange

    Custom Application Name App name you like to provide. Here it is Redmine.
    SP Entity ID or Issuer Enter SP Entity ID / Issuer obtained from Redmine
    ACS URL Enter ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL from Redmine
    Single Logout URL Enter Single Logout URL from Redmine
  • Click on Save to add the App.
  • STEP 2: Creating Policy for the App

  • From the left menu, go to Policies > App Authentication Policy.
  • Click on App Policy tab.
  • From the Application dropdown, select the Custom Application Name you would like to provide before.
  • Select DEFAULT from the Group Name dropdown.
  • Enter Policy Name you would like to provide. Eg. Redmine Policy.
  • Select Password from the First Factor Type dropdown.
  • Click on Save to save the Policy.

  • redmine sso configuration steps

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