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SSO to HR Answerlink integrated services
miniOrange provides a ready to use solution for Wordpress.This solution ensures that you are ready to roll out secure access to HR answerlink using wordpress single sign on.

Single Sign-On to HR Answerlink

HR AnswerLink is a tool that can help enterprise users to support current HR department or can be a complete human resources solution. The main products of HR AnswerLink are HR Support Center and HR Pro Support.User needs to register on HR Answerlink website in order to use its services. Sometimes user has multiple applications (like Wordpress) and it is desired to login using single log in credentials. miniOrange provides solution of using single sign on to log in into HR support,for example here Wordpress credentials are used to login into HR Support. This eliminates the need to maintain number of user names and passwords.

API integration is the solution offered by miniOrange,where user can single sign on into HR Answerlink if user is already logged in into wordpress.

Even Webhooks can be configured to send notifications to all your applications to intimate that event has occured in HR support which includes user creation, user data updation and so on. This saves efforts to manage HR support users in your other application (like wordpress) with miniOrange plugin. Thus HR support centre changes will be reflected into Wordpress in real time.

How miniOrange API integration can work for HR Answerlink?

Steps to configure wordpress plugin through API integration:

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