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NFT based gated content

NFT based gated content allows website owners to restrict access to a certain section of the website. Visitors log in to the website with their cryptocurrency wallet and web3.0 authenticates the visitor's ownership of the wallet. If the wallet contains the specified NFT collection access to restricted content is authorized.

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What are NFT based gated content?

Non-fungible tokens are unique tokens used to register an image, video, or any form of digital item on the blockchain and are stored in cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask, Ledger, and Trezor.

In gated content, also referred to as content gating, website owners can restrict access to the content on their website and limit it to specific visitors by hiding the data behind NFT restricted portals.

To view the restricted content, the visitors have to log in to the website using a cryptocurrency wallet. Login using the wallet can be done through one of the three processes and all three processes are supported by Web3.0.

MFA Flow with Reverse Proxy

MFA Flow with Reverse Proxy

For the first process QR code is available on the website and can be used by apps like WalletConnect. Second, access can is granted directly if the visitor has a wallet extension installed with the browser for eg. cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask.The third process can use a hard wallet like ledger or trezor.

Once a visitor does a crypto wallet login to the website, the web3.0 authentication verifies the visitor’s ownership of the wallet. It verifies whether the visitor is the true owner of the wallet.

After ownership of the wallet is confirmed, the wallet should have the required NFT collection for accessing the gated content. The required NFT collection is specified by the website owner.

If the visitor does not own the NFTs, they will be directed to the smart contract address for purchasing the NFT. A few famous NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, and Mintable.

How does the NFT based gated content work?

NFT based gated content, content gating, or token gated communities all work on the principle of granting access to restricted content only when the user holds the specific NFT collection. Here website owners lock certain content behind NFT-restricted portals. The content is not accessible to all the visitors landing on the website. This locked or restricted content on the website forms a token gated community. Visitors do a cryptocurrency wallet login to the website. The wallet should contain the NFT collection mentioned by the website owner to access the restricted content. This collection could be something popular like NFT art or NFT videos or tweets.

NFT based gated content works with web 3.0 which is used to authenticate and verify the visitor’s wallet ownership status that they have used to login to the website. If the visitors possess the wallet's ownership along with the required NFT collection they can access the NFT restricted content.

Web 3.0 authenticates the visitor’s ownership of the crypto wallet when they log in to the website using the crypto wallet.

On successful authentication, if the visitor possesses the NFT collection specified by the website owner, they will be granted access to the NFT restricted content.

Visitors who do not possess the required NFT collection will be directed to the NFT marketplace for purchase.

Benefits of using NFT based gated contents

Adaptive MFA Features


Web3 works best with all wallets interacting with Ethereum, Solana, and all best practice blockchains.

Supports multiple wallets

Web3 supports both hot wallets like MetaMask, Edge, Coinbase, Electrum, and Exodus and cold wallets like Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Trezor, and Ellipal Titan.

Content gating using NFT

All applications working on the principle of gated communities, content gating, and gated content can use Web3.

NFT purchasing

All NFT marketplaces are designed to operate using Web3.


All decentralized applications based on the concept of blockchain rely on Web3 for communication. It provides a secure communication channel between the distributed entities of the web.


We are moving towards a world of the decentralized web, where data is not stored in a single server.Web3 provides the best features to move in the forward direction.

Cryptocurrency wallets supported by Web3

Web3.0 supports both hot wallets and cold wallets interacting with Ethereum and Solana blockchains. The wallets hold NFT art, videos, or tweets in the form of collection and are used for bypassing the restricted content also called token gating.

QR-based cryptocurrency wallets

Website visitors can use WalletConnect to log in to the website. The QR feature provides a simple and safe method to log in and is supported by the web3 authentication plugin.

Hot wallets

Hot wallets like MetaMask, Edge, Coinbase, Electrum, and Exodus manage and store NFTs over the internet and function as a browser extension. They interact flawlessly and securely with the Web3.0.

Cold wallets

Cold wallets store the NFTs offline in the hardware.Web3 authentication plugin works flawlessly with cold wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

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Features Provided
Crypto Wallet Login / Connect (Metamask, Wallet Connect and other wallets)
Auto creation of users with wallet address
Account linking
Require NFT verification to register or login to your site
Lock content on specific posts or pages based on NFT ownership
Regex based content restriction rulestd>
Profile Completion (asking user to fill in personal details) on wallet connect
Integration with MemberPress and other plugins
Integration with WooCommerce and other Ecommerce platforms
Redirect users who do not hold any NFT to NFT purchase page
Custom login button and error pages
Shortcode for content restriction and placing login button anywhere

What are the popular NFT based gated content examples?

Token gated live stream

Access to live stream videos can be gated using tokens. Audiences having required NFT collections in their crypto wallet can have access.

Token gated membership

Users share their credentials with others, limiting the new memberships. Prevent this by giving access to those with required NFTs.

Token gated communities

Token gated communities allows like-minded individuals to start a community and grow, access will be based on NFT collection.

Token gated social platform

An artist launches a new post or music on a social media platform. With token gated social platform access can be gated or restricted.

Token gated files and folders

Users are given access to folders and files depending on the NFT collection they possess. Role mapping can also be achieved.

Token gated meetings

Zoom bombing is a major problem where individuals interrupt online meetings. Prevent this by giving access to those with required NFTs.