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miniOrange Authenticator
Enable 2-Factor Authentication for Zoho using miniOrange Authenticator

2-Factor For Zoho

miniOrange 2-factor authenticator can protect any cloud app. Simplest app for consumers with enhanced security options for enterprises.

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide to enable 2-Factor Authentication for Zoho using miniOrange Authenticator

Step 1: Configure 2-step verification for Zoho:

Step 2: Pairing with miniOrange authenticator app:

Google Authenticator and miniOrange Authenticator

miniOrange Authenticator manages the google Authenticator keys better and easier by providing these extra features:

  1. miniOrange encrypts all data, whereas Google Authenticator stores data in plain text.
  2. miniOrange Authenticator app has an extra layer of security i.e. the app has in-build Pin-Protection so you can protect your google authenticator keys or whole app using pin whereas Google Authenticator is not protected at all. No one can steal your keys at all.
  3. No need to type in the code at all. Just download miniOrange plugin,it can seamlessly connect your computer to your phone. Code will get auto filled and saved.

  miniOrange Authenticator app is available for free from Google Play

  miniOrange Authenticator app is available for free from the Apple App Store

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