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Denso, a global automotive components manufacturer, faced challenges managing user licenses for their Crowd application due to accumulated unused licenses. The miniOrange Crowd Bulk User Management Add-On proved to be the right tool for their needs, streamlining the process and optimizing license utilization. Explore how we addressed Denso's user management needs effectively.

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Straumann Group sought to enhance user access management and reduce licensing costs for their Atlassian suite, comprising Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. The miniOrange Bulk User Management plugin for Jira Cloud proved to be an ideal solution for their needs. Keep reading to learn how our plugin helped Straumann Group maintain workflow efficiency and optimize expenses.

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Kontron aimed to achieve efficient user access management and cost-effectiveness across their Atlassian suite, covering Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. Our tailored Bulk User Management plugin for Jira Cloud enabled them to streamline access, eliminate inactive users, and ensure seamless workflow continuity. Explore how our solution transformed their user management process.

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Infinite pl was seeking efficient user access management and cost optimization throughout their Atlassian suite. We provided a customized solution by leveraging our tailored Bulk User Management plugin for Jira Cloud. Explore how our solution transformed Infinite pl's user management approach.

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The American Chemical Society aimed to optimize user access and licensing costs across their Atlassian tools, including Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. They turned to miniOrange and we provided a tailored solution that helped then streamline access control using our Bulk User Management plugin for Jira Cloud. Read on to understand how miniOrange helped American Chemical Society efficiently manage its user licenses and optimize costs.

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Benefits That Make Life Easier for You!

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Enhanced Productivity

50% Faster

Boost productivity by automating user lifecycle management with intelligent account deactivation, optimizing license allocation, enhancing security, and streamlining workflows for efficiency.

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Auto User Management

120+ Hrs

Effortlessly map user profiles, groups and attributes from your Identity Provider to Atlassian.

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License Cost Saving


Automatically de-provision your users from Identity Provider to Atlassian, making sure you only pay for active users.

Discover Our App Features

Multiple IDPs supported

Bulk User Import

Easily import multiple users into the system at once, perfect for migrations or large-scale user onboarding

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Customizable Email Notifications

Personalize email notifications sent to inactive users before deactivation with custom subjects, content, and templates.

JIT and SCIM provisioning

Auto-deactivation of inactive users

Automatically deactivate users based on set criteria such as days of inactivity, improving security and user management.

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User Group Management

Seamlessly manage user groups by creating, editing, and assigning permissions to users through bulk group operations.

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Scheduled Tasks

Schedule automated tasks like user import, deactivation, email notifications, and group management for efficient user administration.

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Simple Structured & Fast Response

Very good working plugin. Amazing support: structured, clear, simple, very fast and if there are real problems, fixes are immediate. What more do you want?

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Simple to Use, Install & Configure

Great Plugin and awesome team behind. Very useful for our users 🙂 Simple to use, install and configure. Thanks to the support who are VERY VERY REACTIVE !!! Great work guys !!!

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Excellent Support Team

Definitely worth it, the plugin is working as expected and offers many configuration entries and features. The support team behind it is very skilled and helpful.

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