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2FA Single Sign-On(SSO)

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allianz logo

Allianz sought to bolster security with SSO and 2FA for internal and external users accessing Jira and Confluence. We implemented Crowd SAML SSO and our Jira 2FA add-on, ensuring seamless authentication while enhancing security. Discover how our solution optimized usability and security for Allianz's Atlassian applications.

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utah logo

UTAH Information Service GmbH sought to enhance security with customizable 2FA for their Atlassian suite. The miniOrange Two Factor Authentication addon met their needs perfectly, offering diverse authentication methods and customizable user-facing pages. Admins could tailor instructions in any language, improving user experience and credibility. Explore how our solution revamped their security approach.

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novomatic logo

NOVOMATIC AG Group aimed to implement a unified 'Second Factor Authentication' across various Atlassian products for enhanced security. However, users were facing the inconvenience of performing 2FA on each app separately despite authentication via Crowd. miniOrange synchronized their Crowd authentication and 2FA sessions, enabling unified authentication for all connected apps. Read on to understand how we streamlined the login experience for NOVOMATIC users.

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cgi logo

CGI Federal aimed to enhance security across their Atlassian Suite while maintaining existing system setups. miniOrange provided tailored customization to accommodate their needs, ensuring that the implementation of 2FA seamlessly enhanced security without causing disruptions to their ongoing operations. Read on to understand how we addressed specific challenges when integrating 2FA addon with Bitbucket and Confluence for CGI Federal.

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FRB Chicago

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago sought to bolster security for Atlassian products, particularly Jira and Bitbucket, prioritizing robust identity verification for Bitbucket users executing GIT commands. miniOrange provided a tailored solution to integrate our 2FA add-on seamlessly with Bitbucket for GIT commands. Explore how we met the security needs of one of the USA's leading central banks.

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Fiseve logo

Fiserv aimed to enhance security for its Atlassian suite, including Jira and Confluence, by implementing OTP Over Email for 2FA. miniOrange provided tailored solutions, enabling OTP delivery via email and setting up a dedicated SMTP mail server for OTPs. Discover how our customizable features enhanced Fiserv's authentication process.

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Hyundai Autoever Europe sought to enhance security and user experience by integrating multi-factor authentication (MFA) into their Atlassian environment. They chose miniOrange MFA add-ons for Jira and Confluence, providing granular access control and flexibility to their administrators. Explore how our solution effectively addressed their security needs.

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MAN Truck & Bus SE aimed to enhance user protection with 2FA, focusing on enforcing it solely for local credential logins to avoid redundancy for SSO users. They also addressed usability challenges associated with managing multiple OTP entries. miniOrange's 2FA addons streamlined authentication for SSO users, enabled a common passcode for all Atlassian apps, and optimized 2FA across connected applications. Read on to find out how we boosted productivity and security for MAN Truck & Bus SE.

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Verizon sought a robust 2FA system for Jira and Confluence, prioritizing flexible yet secure access management based on user location. We tailored a solution to selectively bypass 2FA for users within trusted IP ranges. Read on to find out how we consolidated Verizon's security posture.

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comet ag

Benefits That Make Life Easier for You!

Enhanced Productivity icon

Enhanced Security

100% Secure

Secure your Atlassian apps with an additional layer of security using miniOrange's Two Factor Authentication.

Auto User Management icon

Authentication Methods

9+ Methods

Choose from more than 9 different 2FA methods like OTP over email/SMS, Hardware token (U2F/FIDO), and many more to best suit your needs.

Controlled Access icon

Controlled Access

100% No Risk

Fine-tune your 2FA security with granular control. Enable/disable 2FA for users or groups, grant/restrict access by IP, and more.

Supported Authentication Methods
Google Authenticator icon

Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator icon

Microsoft Authenticator

Yubikey Hardware Token icon

Yubikey Hardware Token

OTP over Email icon

OTP over Email

OTP over SMS icon

OTP over SMS

Duo Push Notification icon

Duo Push Notification

WebAuthn icon


Security Questions icon

Security Questions

Backup Codes icon

Backup Codes

Discover Our App Features

Multiple IDPs supported

IP whitelisting & blocking

Allow trusted users to log into Atlassian apps without 2FA by whitelisting their IPs and block access for suspicious or untrusted IPs

Redirection Rules icon

Brute force Protection

Restrict access to your Atlassian applications for a certain time period after multiple failed 2FA attempts.

JIT and SCIM provisioning

Multiple 2FA & backup methods

Select your preferred Two Factor Authentication method to protect your Atlassian apps. Enable backup methods in case of emergency logins. We support Mobile Authenticator, OTP over SMS and Email, Yubikey Hardware Token, WebAuthn(FIDO2), Duo Push Notification, Security Questions(KBA), Backup Codes

Customized Login Page icon

Enable/disable 2FA for users & groups

Enable/ disable 2FA for an individual user or groups. In case of issues like loss of phone, reset 2FA for those users.

Signed Encryption Support Icon

Remember 2FA on my device

Skip two-factor authentication on your trusted devices for hassle-free logins with added security.

User Self Enrollment

Let users enroll their own preferred authentication methods like Google authenticator app, Security questions, OTP over Email/SMS etc.

Skip 2FA on SSO

Bypass 2FA for internal users already authenticated on your Identity Provider via Single Sign-on(SSO).

Multilingual support

Secure your account by configuring 2FA in your own native language.

Supports All Phones

Support across all models of smartphones like iPhone, Android, Microsoft and BlackBerry.

Audit logs

Monitor user's login activities and changes made to the plugin configuration.

Grant access to Plugin Pages

Grant access to non-admin users to access the plugin configuration pages empowering designated teams to carry out their responsibilities efficiently while upholding overall system integrity.

Look and Feel templates

Modify the look and feel of the end-user pages establishing user trust, highlighting relevant organization information etc.


Quick and dedicated support via email, customer portal and debug calls to resolve queries at the earliest.

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Easy Setup Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Effortlessly configure your miniOrange add-ons with our curated, step-by-step setup guides for a quick and seamless setup.

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Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Incredible plugin and fantastic support

Lots of configuration options such as ip whitelisting or ip blocking lists. It is doing what is supposed to do, good job. We are using it for Crowd/Jira/Confluence.

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Best plugin, best support

Apps works great for us! Support is also very fast and helpful! Very open to feature requests and very customer focused!

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Straight-forward and efficient

This app is quite useful when security is your prime concern. Keep up the good work.

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Our product suite offers tailored solutions designed specifically for Atlassian environments, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration.

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