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Salesforce CASB
for Cloud security

Salesforce Cloud apps face various threats including data breaches, unauthorized app access, malware infections, and internal security breach. These threats can lead to compromising user data, financial loss, legal implications, and reputational damage. To mitigate these threats, organizations can now leverage the power of CASB security to ensure Salesforce data security and figure out potential vulnerabilities as well.

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Salesforce CASB Integration Security

What is CASB for Salesforce Cloud Security?

Salesforce CASB Security Solutions

Benefits of deploying the Salesforce CASB for Enterprises

Here are the top benefits of using a Salesforce CASB Cloud Security for Granular Access Control and Visibility

Granular Access Control

Salesforce Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) allows administrators to activate granular access control policies for specific user groups, ensuring that unauthorized users are unable to access and protect the data stored on Salesforce Cloud applications.

Compliance Inclusion

Compliance is a crucial requirement for businesses to meet the security standards of their industry. Within CASBs, compliance is a fundamental pillar that helps organizations stay compliant and operate effectively throughout.

Analytics and Reporting

CASBs provide the SOC teams with detailed reports and analyses of events to help them gain deep insights and understanding of the security threats they may face, and increased downtimes of their cloud infrastructure.

User Risk Score Assessment

Depending on the user activity, a risk score is assigned to each of the users to flag them based on their activity with the Salesforce cloud apps. Once the score exceeds the threshold value, necessary security restrictions configured will revoke all access and isolate the user from further interacting with any of the Salesforce apps.

DLP Integration

DLP is another security tool that prevents users from downloading data on devices (like phones/tablets/desktops) to prevent data breaches. It also mitigates threats like phishing emails that could steal the company's sensitive data.

Additional Solutions Incorporation

Alongside miniOrange Salesforce CASB security, you can also check out our other Salesforce cloud products as well. All our solutions can be integrated individually or alongside the miniOrange CASB cloud security solution.

What are the features of the Salesforce CASB?

Let’s look at the top features of using a Salesforce CASB solution for your organization

Salesforce CASB Integration features

Deep Visibility

With Deep Visibility, security teams (or SOC teams) can efficiently monitor user and application access to your Salesforce app data. This enables them to detect any abnormal user behavior and promptly invoke necessary security measures to mitigate potential security threats.

Data Protection

Salesforce CASB ensures complete data protection by controlling the flow of data between users and third-party applications, to prevent data breaches. Additionally, the Salesforce CASB actively scans for potential points of data leakage and promptly applies the required security measures to address any identified vulnerabilities.

Compliance Ready

Ensuring compliance with Salesforce's security requirements across domains, Salesforce CASB Security allows organizations to configure precise data protection rules and gather detailed insights. It effectively prevents users from breaching company policies and stay in compliance with the industry requirements.

Threat Mitigation

Salesforce CASB actively monitors data access requests from unauthorized users and promptly notifies the SOC teams. This helps mitigate potential internal attacks by analyzing user actions. Moreover, the Salesforce CASB security solution has the capability to revoke complete access from such users, effectively preventing them from causing further issues.

Detecting Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a threat where employees use software/hardware which is not provided by the SOC team. The CASB security regularly checks for such anomalies and unrecognized software/hardware being used by the employees and informs the SOC teams of such actions.

Malware and Ransomware Protection

CASBs do help in mitigating and detecting Malware attacks (or ransomware attacks) throughout your organization’s infrastructure. To prevent the malware attack from spreading further, CASBs can even isolate the other applications until the malware attack has been dealt with.


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