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Identity and Access
Management Solutions

Explore how our Cloud and On-premise IAM solutions empowers you to secure identity experience

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IAM Solutions

By Business

Workforce Identity

Empower your employees,contractors and partners with secure access to resources

Customer Identity

Delight your customers with frictionless registration and login process

By Usecase

Restrict Access to Personal Email

Restrict/Block personal and consumer email in office

Legacy Apps Authentication

Modern authentication for on-premise legacy applications

Secure VPN with MFA

Enable secure access for your VPN

Mobile Apps SSO

Secure access to your native/mobile apps

Secure Network Devices

Boost your network infrastructure security with MFA

Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate the need of remember and enter passwords

Adopt Zero Trust Security Model

Learn what zero trust model is and how to adopt it

Integrate Apps

Integrate with any application to secure identity

IT Provisioning

Integrate HR and IT systems to efficiently manage employee identites.


Advanced authentication based on user risk-profile for better access management.

IP Restriction

Restrict unwanted user access to crucial business data from unknown IP addresses.

Windows/ Linux/

Prevent Password Breaches with MS windows MFA for logon and RDP.

Radius MFA

Boost your network infrastructure security with MFA through Radius Authentication.

TACACS Authentication

Ready to use TACACS authentication and/or MFA solution for Network Devices.

G Suite Security

Configure Google Workspace account effortlessly with enhanced security throughout your G Suite apps.

Secure K12

Enhance the student login experience with Single Sign-on (SSO), enabling unified access to dashboard apps.


Prevent unauthorized access to LDAP by adding an additional layer of security with MFA for all your users.

Employee SSO

Streamline your business applications access with seamless login credentials.

MFA Solutions

Enhance login security with miniOrange's advanced multi-factor authentication solutions.

Step up Authentication

Restrict user access based on contextual factors like IP, Device, Time & Location.

Customer SSO

Secure login solution for customers to log into multiple SAAS & Cloud-based apps with a single set of login credentials.

Cloud vs On-Premise

Secure your business confidently your way, with Cloud deployment or On-Premise deployment.


A robust SSO solution that allows seamless user login into multiple apps using existing IDP credentials via SAML-based Authentication.

Device Restriction

Restrict user access from unauthorized devices to protect valuable resources.


Get one-click access to all Cloud & On-Premise OAuth supporting apps with a single set of login credentials.

VPN + Windows + Office365

A Complete MFA Setup for VPN, Windows & Office 365.

Mobile Device Restriction

Increase data security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Tailored access to resources/content based on geographical context.

Time-based Access Control

Restrict network traffic based on time frames, sets limits during specific hours, days, or dates for elevated security.

Thinkific Adaptive MFA

Enable Thinkific Login Restrictions based on contextual factors like Device, IP, Location, and Time.

Windows Autologin

Seamless SSO for Office 365 login on domain-joined machines using your existing database/AD Credentials.


Mac filtering,is a network security method that controls access to a network by filtering devices based on their unique MAC addresses.

Block Personal Gmail Access

Block your employee's personal Gmail accounts on their workstations using miniOrange's solution.

Block Personal Outlook Access

Block your employee's access to their personal Outlook accounts using miniOrange's solution.

Block Personal Hotmail Access

Block access to personal hotmail accounts.

By Features

Single Sign-On

Enable secure and seamless login into any application of your choice.

Identity Brokering

Gateway service to connect multiple apps with various external IdPs supporting different protocols.

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure user identity with an additional layer of authentication.

Adaptive Authentication

Restrict access to apps based on IP, Device, Time & location.

Directory Services

Support authentication via any external directory like AD, LDAP, AWS Cognito etc.

Lifecycle Management

Creation & management of an end user's objects in relation to accessing resource.



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