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Secure macOS Login 
With MFA/2FA

  Enable MFA/2FA to your macOS login and prevent unauthorized Mac Access.

  Secure Mac SSH login from hackers with an extra layer of MFA security.

  Meet Cyber Insurance Compliance by protecting Mac devices against password-based attacks.

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macOS Multi-Factor Authentication MFA/2FA for login

What is Mac Two-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Mac is a security mechanism that adds an extra layer of security to your Mac logon, Mac SSH Login, and other systems running on macOS.

Hackers often target SSH connections that your employees may be using for remotely accessing your organization’s Mac systems. Adding MFA/2FA will restrict unauthorized access from hackers. Not only for Mac SHH logins, but also implementing MFA/2FA for your entire organization’s Mac login can protect your systems from hackers.

miniOrange provides 15+ 2FA/MFA methods like OTP over SMS/Email, Push Notification, Hardware Token, etc. This will ensure that your sensitive data is protected and will help you comply with International Regulations and Cyber Insurance Policy compliance as well.

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Salient Features of macOS MFA

Modern, Secure Authentication

Login to any macOS workstation easily with multiple MFA/2FA options. All updated MFA preference is synced to all workstations in real-time.

Offline MFA

Whether the authentication server is down or the Internet is not working, MFA/2FA will still be prompted. Offline MFA ensures uninterrupted user access.

MFA for Mac SSH Login

Protect your SSH connections from hackers by enabling Mac 2FA authentication. Enable your workforce to access macOS systems without any worry.

Lock Screen MFA

Enable MFA/2FA on the lock screen or Screensaver of your macOS device. Every time the user logs in from the lock screen, MFA will be prompted.

Enforce MFA/2FA based on User Type

Configure Mac 2FA enforcement based on different user types. For example, prompt MFA for Privileged Users/Administrators and bypass MFA for Standard Use.

Support Cross Domain Scenarios

Enable Mac Login for your users using an account on any trusted domain or using a local account. This cross-domain support will increase productivity and convenience.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) methods supported by miniOrange

SMS & Phone Callback

Authenticator Apps

miniOrange Authenticator

Email Verification

Hardware Token

Security Questions

SMS & Phone Callback

Receive a text or callback on your mobile with the One Time Password (OTP) required to validate yourself for the second factor.

Know More 

MacOS Two factor authentication (MFA/2FA) method - SMS OTP and Phone OTP

Authenticator Apps

Verify for 2FA with a time-based OTP token (TOTP) generated from an external authentication app such as Google/Microsoft authenticator.

Know More 

macOS Two factor authentication (MFA/2FA) Method - Google Authenticator/Microsoft Authenticator

miniOrange Authenticator

Use the miniOrange authenticator to login either via a soft token, push notification, or a QR code.

Know More 

MacOS Two factor authentication (MFA/2FA) Method - miniOrange Authenticator

Email Verification

Complete the 2FA Challenge using login links and password keys sent to your registered email address.

Know More 

MacOS Two factor authentication (MFA/2FA) Method - Email Links & Password

Hardware Token

Use a physical USB token (like YubiKey) on your computer, which will generate the required passcode to gain access.

Know More 

MacOS Two factor authentication (MFA/2FA) Method - Hardware Tokens

Security Questions

Answer a few knowledge-based security questions that are only known to you to authenticate yourself.

Know More 

MacOS Two factor authentication (MFA/2FA) Method - Security Questions

Are You Using Jamf? We Got You Covered!

MFA For Jamf Pro

Let your users gain secure access to the Jamf Pro account by enabling the miniOrange Jamf Pro Multi-Factor / Two-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) Plugin.

Enable MFA/2FA for Jamf Pro 

MFA For Jamf Connect

Secure your Jamf Connect account and prevent unauthorized access with the miniOrange Jamf Connect Multi-Factor / Two-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) Plugin.

Enable MFA/2FA for Jamf Connect 

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Checkout miniOrange Solutions For Different OS systems

Windows MFA

Enable MFA on any Windows machine or devices, as well as Domain-joined devices with the miniOrange Windows Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. Enable MFA on RDP and Local Logins.

Explore Windows MFA/2FA  

Linux MFA

miniOrange MFA module can be installed on all servers and devices running on Linux operating systems to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Enable MFA on SSH connection to Linux servers.

Explore Linux MFA/2FA  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Offline MFA Works?

Authenticator apps are utilized to generate One-Time Password (OTP) tokens based on locally stored keys or secrets. These soft tokens enable users to complete the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) challenge even when the device lacks internet connectivity or if the authentication server is inaccessible.

Which scenarios require Lock Screen MFA?

Many government and private companies (especially those dealing with sensitive public or private data) as well as remote work scenarios, mandate lock screen MFA to enhance data security. It prevents unauthorized access to personal and corporate data, ensuring compliance with International regulations.

Do I require Jamf to enable MFA/2FA?

The miniOrange MFA solution for macOS login does not have any dependency on device management tools like Jamf. The solution works independently and can integrate into your existing environment effortlessly. In case, you are already using Jamf, we have a custom solution for that as well.

What if I lost my phone with Google Authenticator?

In this case, your admin can give you access through their admin console. Admin can enable the “Forgot my phone” option temporarily. If you already have another phone, then you can ask the admin to reset your phone number and easily login via 2FA.






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