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Onelogin User Provisioning using SCIM User Provisioner Add-On
miniOrange provides a ready to use solution for Onelogin User Provisioning using SCIM standard. This solution ensures that you can sync add, update and delete user operations with WordPress using SCIM User Provisioner Add-On configured by us.

Onelogin User Provisioning into Wordpress using SCIM Standard

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management(SCIM) is an open standard HTTP based protocol for automating the exchange of user identity information between identity domains, or IT systems. SCIM aims to simplify user provisioning and management in the cloud. For example, as a Identity Provider add, update and delete the user, they are added, updated and removed from the WordPress User Profile. To achieve this functionality Onelogin provides the User Provisioner with SCIM standard.

If your users are using both Onelogin and Wordpress website, it is preferred to have all users updated in WordPress site without login each time to update user list. miniOrange provides a solution which allows user provisioning into Wordpress website using SCIM standard.

miniOrange provides a solution by introducing a WordPress plugin to support Onelogin User Provisioning and allows user to access your website by using their Onelogin account credential to login into WordPress. SCIM User Provisioner Add-On also allows provisioning with custom Providers. SCIM User Provisioner Add-On works with any IDP that conforms to the SCIM standard.

SCIM User Provisioner supported Operations:

    It will create user using First Name, Last Name, Email, Username and other OneLogin attributes.
    Note: If Username field is blank, it will copy email as a username, as WordPress does not accept blank Username.
    Updatable User fields: All Attributes except email and Username.
    Once delete a user from IDP, it would delete a user from WordPress User list as well.

Features Provided:

Default WordPress Profile Sync:
    All provisioned attributes get synchronised with WordPress Profile.
Custom Attribute Mapping:
    User can add custom fields in OneLogin and enable provisioning for those attributes.

Steps to configure Onelogin's SCIM User Provisioning with WordPress:

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