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परिश्रम + अनुशासन = सफलता

(Hard Work) (Discipline) (Success)


(Hard Work)

+ अनुशासन


= सफलता


Making security simple for
organisations globally

Secure IT Right

miniOrange has grown from its initial size of 4 to 400+ now. The company was built from the ground up by a group of experienced technology architects, with a background in security themselves. Unwilling to continue in their day jobs, the team began miniOrange. Having a deep understanding of security, the miniOrange team applies their technical expertise to create unique and helpful solutions to the needs and challenges of the industry. The company aims to give organizations the ability to securely manage access to all of their web based applications in one place. We are growing day by day and will continue to do so!

With a focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), we offer cutting-edge solutions to secure your workforce, customers, and partners. Our expertise also includes offering new-age security solutions for popular CMS and project management platforms like Atlassian, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Our solutions are specific, accurate and, most importantly, great at doing what they’re supposed to: Making you more secure!

Anirban Mukherji


Anirban has almost two decades of experience in architecture, design and delivery of complex security products. Anirban has built high performing teams from scratch in US and scaled them in companies like IBM and RSA Security. He has multiple Papers published on various security and engineering topics related to Strong Authentication, Access Governance, Vulnerability management, Secure Web Gateway, Mobile Security – Access Gateway, Cloud Security - IAM of a cloud stack, Agile adoption in distributed teams, Team collaboration etc. Anirban has successfully transformed teams doing waterfall into adopting agile/scrum methodologies. He has managed cross functional teams including development, quality, user experience and design, documentation, architecture, release engineering etc. He has been responsible for leading a range of product releases, from a v1.0 to a flagship product generating millions of dollars in revenue. In his spare time, Anirban is a triathlete and has recently completed Ironman, Netherlands!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Anupriya Kumar

Chief Operating Officer | Engineering Manager

Krishna Murari Vijay

Head of Finance | Technology Consultant | Engineering Manager

Kalpesh Hiran

Head of Plugin Technology | Principle Software Engineer

Swati Gupta

Head of Product Management

Pratish Ray

Head of IDP Technology

Gaurav Sood

Head of Architecture | Principle Software Engineer

Rajshree Zade

Head of Operations

Sneha Kedari

Head of Accounting

Suraj Kumar Pandey

Head of Marketing

Shweta Ghate

Head of UI & Content Management

Overall we have 300+ years of experience in the Security Domain and we are constantly serving our customers with that experience.

Trusted by 9k+ Premium Customers across the World in Single Sign-On and MFA Products

"miniOrange takes our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously"

The coronavirus pandemic stands as a life changing threat to thousands of people across the country. We at miniOrange as a whole wanted to give back to the community and help those in need.

Even though we are a relatively small company we wanted to have a positive impact on the communities that we were a part of. In the course of this campaign close to 1500+ families had their monthly rations provided, around 250 people were fed, and two entire villages were given aid.

Through the months of April and May close to 90 miniOrange employees went to work at the grassroot levels of local communities. Providing aid, rations and other necessities to those struck hardest in this crisis.


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