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Privileged Password 

Control access to vital IT assets by effectively managing password complexity, security, and rotation. Simplify the access and control of credentials for IT super administrators by managing system passwords in a centralized vault.

  Enhanced Security, with strong passwords, regular rotation, and robust policies.

  Securely store and manage privileged passwords in a centralized vault.

  Granular access control and activity monitoring for threat detection.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

What is privileged password management?

Privileged Password Management is a system that manages passwords, few of the other terms used to describe this service is enterprise password management, privileged credential management, and enterprise password security.
When we talk about Privileged Passwords, these are specific types of credentials that give elevated access and permissions within an organization's applications, and systems. The privileged password management approach, for passwords, offers advanced enterprise solutions. These solutions automate tasks like credential discovery, access control, centralized protection, password storage, rotation of passwords, alerting, reporting, and oversight, covering all privileged credentials throughout the enterprise.

Why Password Management is needed?

Data Protection

Proper password management solution helps to safeguard sensitive information, like personal data, financial records, and confidential business data. It acts as a barrier against data breaches and unauthorized data disclosure.

Convenience and Productivity

Features such as password generation, storage, autofill, and quick retrieval, simplify the management of multiple passwords. This improves productivity by reducing time spent on password-related issues, minimizing disruptions, and enabling seamless access to systems and applications.

Mitigate Risk with Controlled Privileged Access

Effective password management allows organizations to monitor privileged access, prevent the compromise of user accounts, reducing the risk of misuse of privileged accounts. Additionally, the impact of a compromised password is limited to a single account instead of spreading across multiple accounts.

High Availability of Privileged Resources

By securely managing and storing privileged passwords, organizations ensure the continuous availability of critical resources. Password management solutions provide centralized access, facilitating quick and secure retrieval of privileged credentials when needed.

Features Of Privileged Password Manager


   Effective password management ensures strong, unique, & unguessable passwords, with centralized access for quick & secure retrieval of privileged credentials. It minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive accounts & data.

End-to-end encryption    

   Advanced end-to-end encryption safeguards user data in transit & at rest. It ensures passwords remain secure even in case of a provider hack, offering the highest level of protection for organizational credentials.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)    

   MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) combines a password with an additional authentication method, reducing unauthorized access risk, even if the master password is compromised. Implementing MFA strengthens account security in password managers & safeguards data.

CHeck out SSO Benefits
    Password Generator

  Simplifies strong, unique password creation with a password generator, enhancing security without complex guidelines. Users can customize length & complexity, easily saving or copying generated passwords for convenience.

    Role-Based Permissions

  Storing all organization passwords in a single account poses risks. Role-based permissions provide a solution by limiting access to specific passwords based on employee roles, which enhances security & usability.

    Secure Password Sharing

  Enterprise password management offers secure sharing, minimizing risks of conventional methods. Zero-knowledge password sharing grants encrypted temporary access, valuable for medium & large-sized organizations seeking streamlined & secure credential distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a password and a privileged password?

A password is a general term used to refer to a user's login credentials for accessing an account or system. Whereas, a privileged password is a specific type of password that provides elevated access and permissions to critical systems, accounts, or applications, typically used by administrators or privileged users.

How to Implement Privileged Password Management?

Implementing privileged password management can be a challenging task without end-to-end automation. However, with miniOrange's enterprise password management solutions, you can easily streamline and automate the entire privileged credential lifecycle. Our solution ensures that password security best practices are consistently enforced, making it a seamless and efficient process.

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