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Just-in-Time Access (JIT Access) grants temporary access to privileged user accounts to utilize resources for a limited duration.

  Privileges are granted as needed and revoked upon task completion, reducing the attack surface.

  Limited on-demand access based on roles, adheres to the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP).

  Ensures compliance with policies and regulations.

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What is Just-in time Access (JIT)?

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What is Just in Time Access?

Just in Time Access provides users with temporary, elevated access to resources and systems for a limited period. Once the task is over these elevated access rights are automatically revoked.

This approach restricts access to special resources and privileges only when necessary, enhancing security. Unlike continuous "always-on" access, just-in-time access offers specific, granular privileges over some time only. It usually involves asking for and getting approval before getting this temporary access.

JIT Access reduces the exposure time and risk associated with permanent access rights and aligns with the principles of zero trust standing privileges. This is often implemented as part of Identity Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) strategies, ensuring that privileged access is strictly controlled and limited to authorized individuals only when necessary.

Types of Just-in-Time Access

Justification-based access control

Users must justify their need for privileged access, and once approved, they can connect to specific resources for a limited time.

  • Credentials are managed centrally.
  • Rotated through Password Rotation to reduce privilege abuse risks
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Privileged Password Rotation

Privilege Elevation & Delegation Management (PEDM)

Temporary Elevation

It involves granting enhanced permissions to a process on an as-needed basis.
Privileged access is provided to users under two scenarios:

  • If they have a legitimate requirement for it.
  • Solely for a limited time frame.

After this time frame ends, the elevated privileges are automatically withdrawn.

  • Minimizes any security vulnerabilities.
Explore Privilege Elevation & Delegation Management (PEDM)

Ephemeral Accounts

This type is known as temporary accounts or zero-standing privilege accounts. These accounts are created based on specific needs, sometimes called "one-time" accounts.

  • In Just in Time Access, Ephemeral Accounts are created for temporary usage.
  • Discontinued or deleted once their aim is fulfilled or the task is completed.
  • Ensures that Privileged Access is granted only for the necessary duration.
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Privileged Session Management

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Features Of Just-In-TIme Access

Just-In-TIme Access Features

Granular Privileges

JIT provides precise control over privileges, granting only the minimum privilege needed for tasks, following the principle of least privilege (POLP). Explore Granular Access Control.

On-Demand Privilege Provisioning

Users submit requests for elevated access, which are reviewed and approved briefly. Users are granted temporary access to perform their designated tasks efficiently.

Streamlined Approval Workflow

JIT solution offers comprehensive auditing & monitoring capabilities. It logs every access request, approval, and activity in privileged sessions, providing an audit trail to enhance security and meet compliance requirements.

Automatic Revocation & Session Termination

JIT Access automatically revokes temporary privileges and terminates sessions after the authorized time elapses or the user completes their tasks. Explore Privileged Session Monitoring.

Audit & Monitoring

Features a smooth workflow for approvers to evaluate access requests, It assesses risks and then decides on approvals or further review.

Ensure compliance with our comprehensive security protocols throughout the entire product lifecycle for a seamlessly secure experience.








  Swift Security Framework

Benefits of Just-in-Time Privileged (JIT) Access

Reduced Attack Surface

Just-in-time access limits how long privileged accounts can be used, reducing the chance of security threats. It blocks unauthorized access and lessens breach effects, improving your organization's defenses by reducing risks from always-available privileges.

Enhanced Security Posture

Just-in-Time (JIT) Access tightens security by limiting access to temporary privileges only when needed, reducing unauthorized entry and breaches. It secures external contractor/vendor access with temporary permissions, enhancing security and reducing attack opportunities.

Streamlined Access & Admin Efficiency

Automating request approvals streamlines access workflows, saving time for administrators and users, (privileged accounts) and ensuring prompt access without compromising productivity.

Looking for Enhanced Security Control?

Privileged Access Management seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, ensuring secure and
managed access to critical systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Just-In-Time Access Important for Your Organization?

Just-in-time access is crucial because it helps keep your organization's data safe. It only gives people special permissions when they need them and takes them away when they're done with their job. This means there's less chance for hackers to find a way in.

What are the Best Practices of Just in Time Access Management?

For just-in-time access management, it's best to:
- Make sure requests for special access are checked and approved quickly.
- Use it with the principle of least privileges, meaning people only get the minimum access they need.
- Keep track of who's been given access, when, and why, and also for how long.

How to Implement Just-in-Time Privileged Access?

To put Just-in-Time Privileged Access in place, you'll want to:
- Figure out which jobs or roles need special access.
- Set up a system where they can ask for access whenever needed.
- Use tools or software that can automatically give access for a short time and then revoke after the completion of a designated task.

What is JIT in Active Directory?

JIT in Active Directory means using Just-in-Time principles to manage special access within Active Directory. It helps control who gets to do what by only giving temporary admin rights when needed.

What is Just-in-Time Admin Access?

Just in Time Admin Access is about giving admin rights for a short period only when necessary. It's a way to make sure that only the right people have high-level access and only when they need it.

What is Just-in-Time Network Access Control?

Just-in-Time Network Access Control is a security measure that gives users temporary access to network resources. It's about making sure people can only connect to your network or use certain services when it's needed for their job, helping to keep your network safer.

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