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Privileged Session 

Secure your privileged access with our advanced solution, through seamless session management, audit trails, and logging.

  Monitors privileged activity, and offers valuable information on user access, whereabouts, intent, & timing.

  Get real-time notifications of suspicious activities, aid rapid detection and response to potential cybersecurity threats.

  Manage all privilege accounts at one place.

  Record privileged sessions to identify anomalies, operational issues, & system errors.

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Privileged Session Management

What is a Privileged Session Manager?

The Privileged Session Management monitors, controls, and records all sessions initiated by privileged accounts. Privileged session management captures session data, and valuable insights into user interactions with sensitive information, thus aiding in the investigation of data breaches at the same time ensuring compliance. Additionally, Privileged session manager software includes alert features, enabling prompt detection and response to cybersecurity incidents by the security team.
Privileged Session Management (PSM) empowers administrators to exercise complete control over privileged sessions, thus ensuring comprehensive monitoring from start to end.

Benefits of frictionless User Management

Offers centralized access

An advanced session management system empowers IT and security leaders with a centralized hub, enabling them to have control over access to vital resources from any location worldwide. With this system, they can implement precise controls on access routes and dictate how other privileged remote users establish connections with critical systems.

Ensures security and reduces risk

A privileged session manager helps to secure sensitive systems, this is done by eliminating direct access to them. It acts as a go-between, proxy gateway server connecting the user's device to the target system by creating a secure tunnel. This eliminates the unwanted access from any kind of unauthorized systems. Hence, there are more secure communications without the need for providing confidential passwords.

Simplifies administration, increases productivity

Since, a Privileged Session Manager solution allows centralized administration of all remote IT assets, all of them through a single point of control. Any privileged user can update,manage data troubleshoot, and and look over systems centrally, all this facilitates quick, and efficient administration. Thus, overall work quality is improved, there is better accountability through standard policies along with effective supervision.

Real-time Monitoring & Enhanced Access Control

Privileged session management allows the admin to monitor all privileged account activities in real-time. If any suspicious activities are detected, immediate actions can be taken to mitigate any security risks. Strict access controls can be enforced to limit the number of privileged users. The attack surface is reduced as a result, reducing the risk of malicious access or unauthorized access.

Features Of Privileged Session Manager

Just-in-time privilege elevation    

   Just-in-time privilege elevation limits the amount of time privileged access is enabled on a critical system. Hence administrators, users, applications, and scripts get to access sensitive information only when required and only during the time needed to complete the task. Users don't get elevated privileges permanently, so they can’t abuse privileges.

Credential vault    

   Privileged user credentials are a primary target for attackers since they offer elevated access to privileged accounts and sensitive information. A credential vault consolidates, stores, manages, and rotates shared sensitive information, such as passwords, digital certificates, keys, and related documents. The credential vault automates credential discovery and storage, enabling password admins to secure critical accounts and prevent privileged access attacks by restricting access.

CHeck out SSO Benefits
    Privilege session management

  Privileged session management enables administrative users to have granular control over critical assets, like databases, servers, and network devices. These assets provide greater accountability over privileged user accounts and systems. This includes privileged session monitoring, monitoring user activities in real-time, and identifying and terminating anomalous sessions, it also enables playback options for forensic and organizational audits.

     Auditing and reporting

  Compliance demands like HIPAA, and PCI-DSS require monitoring of privileged account actions. Session management offers an unchangeable record of activities that can be shared with auditors to prove compliance. With advanced session management, it is possible to store data as long as necessary, generate reports without system slowdowns, and easily filter for specific users or sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by a Privileged Account?

A privileged account refers to an account with elevated permissions and access privileges that enable users to perform administrative or critical functions within a system or network.

PAM vs PSM: What’s the difference?

PAM (Privileged Access Management) focuses on managing and securing privileged access throughout an organization's IT infrastructure, while PSM (Privileged Session Management) specifically addresses the control and security of privileged user sessions, ensuring monitoring, isolation, and auditing capabilities.

What is Privileged Activity Monitoring?

Privileged Activity Monitoring refers to the practice of actively monitoring and recording actions performed by privileged users or accounts within an IT system or network, aiming to detect and prevent any unauthorized or malicious activities that could pose a security risk.

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