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Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync: Embrace Multiple IDPs and Customer Sync Freedom for Individual Applications

Unlock exceptional user experiences while maintaining control over applications and data with Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync. Seamlessly integrate your Identity Provider, develop custom applications, sync customer data, and enjoy enhanced security measures.

Nov 11, 2023

Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync: Embrace Multiple IDPs and Customer Sync Freedom for Individual Applications


Is your business facing the challenge of synchronizing customer data along with integrating multiple identity providers (IDPs) for sync? Atlassian users look no further than our user management plugin ‘Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync’ which redefines the process, while seamlessly managing user identities and data synchronization.


Let’s delve into the features of this groundbreaking plugin and see how it empowers enterprises to overcome the tedious task of synchronizing users/groups from multiple IDPs and streamlining customer data across multiple platforms.


Seamless Integration with Any IDP


We begin with one of the key features, its ability to seamlessly integrate with any identity provider for synchronizing users. Whether your business relies on popular providers like Okta, Azure, or miniOrange, or you have a custom-built IDP, this plugin eliminates the hassle of performing different CRUD and User provisioning operations based on systems. It provides a unified interface for user provisioning, enabling developers to focus on building innovative applications rather than worrying about IDP compatibility.


For instance, if an organization has customer identities managed in multiple Azure directories or in different entities like Okta and Azure AD, it would be a headache to manage these Identities at the same time on the Enterprise level. However, you can leverage our plugin to consolidate your user provisioning process and utilize both Azure and Okta simultaneously without having to choose one over the other and provide a seamless user experience across multiple applications..


Independent Application Development

In the past, managing multiple users and groups manually has been a complex and time-consuming task. However, our plugin offers a solution that allows businesses to develop applications that are not limited to a single IDP or a specific method of customer and user synchronization. It provides flexibility and independence in integrating with different systems..


For example, multiple SCIM connections (System for Cross-domain Identity Management to System for Cross-domain Identity Management): In this scenario, our plugin enables an application to synchronize user data between two or more IDPs that support the SCIM protocol. The application can retrieve user information from one SCIM-based IDP and synchronize it with another SCIM-based IDP.


Likewise, you can create multiple connections for the SCIM or the REST API Connectors or a combination of both, while maintaining a unified user experience across different platforms.

Flexible Customer Sync Options

When businesses use multiple applications, it's important for them to keep their customer data synchronized, meaning that the data is consistent and up-to-date across all the applications they use. Our plugin for JIRA makes it easy to manage this synchronization process. It gives you a lot of flexibility and customization options. You can decide how you want the synchronization to happen.


For example, you can choose to sync the data in real-time, meaning it happens instantly as changes are made. Alternatively, you can do a group sync, where the data is synchronized in groups at specific intervals, control access to portals based on IDP groups and organizations. You can even choose to manually sync the data when you want. This flexibility ensures that your customer data stays current in all your applications, without affecting performance or the experience of your users.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

When we deal with user identities and sensitive customer data, our top priority is to ensure security and privacy. Our plugin is designed to ensure that the right people have appropriate access to your system. By implementing granular access levels, we provide a robust user management solution that allows you to assign and control permissions with precision.


Administrators are empowered with comprehensive control, while users can perform advanced tasks within predefined boundaries. You can confidently regulate access and safeguard sensitive resources, ensuring that only authorized individuals can interact with them.


By implementing these measures, we aim to maintain the highest level of security for user data throughout the entire process.

Wrapping It Up

With seamless IDP integration, Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync offers a powerful solution for organizations seeking to enhance their user management capabilities. By integrating with your Identity Provider (IDP), it streamlines the user provisioning and management processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both administrators and end-users.

  By leveraging the SCIM functionality to Jira cloud, you can focus on delivering exceptional user experiences. With streamlined user management processes, you can devote more time and resources to building engaging applications and features that delight users. Our solution puts you in control by seamlessly integrating with multiple IDPs and facilitating customer sync, allowing you to maintain governance over your applications and data.


To learn more about Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync or if you have specific inquiries, you can contact us at or raise a support ticket here. Stay tuned to this space for more new and innovative solutions as we continue to enhance our offerings and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet your evolving needs.

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