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NFT token gated Discord

NFT token gated discord allows users access to channels on the discord server based on the NFT collection users own in their cryptocurrency wallet. The assigning of roles within the channel can also be assigned based on the NFT collection, and the process is automated easily. This is very effective for discord server owners to attract numerous users from specific communities, distinguished by their NFT ownership. If the user wants to access the channel or upgrade their discord role they can easily do it by purchasing the required NFT collection on famous NFT marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible, and Mintable. Token gated discord has changed the way access to discord channels and roles are being assigned.

Sep 29, 2023

How does NFT token gated discord work?

A discord server owner locks/restricts his channel behind a token-gated portal. Users log in to the Discord web client, where Web3 verifies if they hold the required NFT collection or token in their crypto wallet. Depending on the collection or token owned, roles are assigned, granting access to specific Discord channels. If a user lacks the necessary token, they are redirected to popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, or Mintable to acquire them.

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Once users have done discord web or discord app login from the landing website using a crypto wallet, users can implement different use cases and applications.

  • Chat room: A domain-specific or generic chat room for a group of individuals can be set up with restricted membership. Different types of memberships can also be given depending on the user’s token. Set Membership type, and the parameters for accessing the features of the chat room.
  • NFT marketplace: A discord channel dedicated to information on selling and purchasing NFT collection can be accessed based on membership type.NFT trading information is shared on a few channels.
  • Role-based assignment: Depending on the NFT collection held in the crypto wallet roles can be assigned in a channel. Users can also purchase NFT for taking up a role.
  • News and Events: Users need to have specified NFT collections in their crypto wallet to access discord channels that broadcast news and events. Access to city-focused discord channels or specific newsletters can also be given.

Popular discord channels that can have NFT token gating

Why use NFT token gated discord?

  • Avoid Scams: Keep hackers out of your discord server and channels. When there is no content gating, malicious activities can be done through login from discord web browse. Also, malicious discord bots can be restricted.
  • Compatible: Discord servers and channels equipped with carlbot, dynobot, and tupperbox work flawlessly with token gating
  • Token gated communities: This concept has been widely used since Apps are being developed on the blockchain. Using web3 technology, discord servers can be made into gated communities.
  • Real-time information tracking: News and Events based in local cities or globally can be easily tracked by creating an index for the members.


In this blog, we saw how Discord NFT Token Gating helps restrict access to your channel in the Discord server. This method, being decentralized, proves to be efficient and secure for your entire community.

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