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Two-Factor Authentication for Magento 2

miniOrange's Magento 2 2FA adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for cyber attackers to breach your system, even if they have your password. Add an extra layer of security with our magento 2 2fa extension.

Dec 2, 2022

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is also known as two-step verification. In order to gain access to an account or computer system, two-factor authentication requires the user to authenticate themselves using two or more factors.

Users who enable two-factor authentication (2FA) need to provide additional verification factors besides their username and password. It is possible to use second-factor methods such as OTP over SMS, OTP over email, push notifications, Google/Microsoft authenticators, and many more.

As a result of this additional layer of security, information is well protected from threats like phishing, malware, and hacking. It is critical to ensure a robust identity with strong 2-factor authentication.

miniOrange Magento 2 Two-factor authentication (2FA) extension increases security and creates layered defenses, so even if one factor (password-username) is stolen, a cyber attacker will still have to breach another barrier before gaining access. In addition to this, the second barrier is also usually more difficult to breach than simple usernames and passwords.

Two Factor Authentication with Magento

How does 2fa security work?

Your identity is verified by two factors using two-factor authentication (2FA).

Example 1: Imagine you have a garage door code (knowledge factor) and a key to your house (possession factor). To enter your locked house through the garage, you need both keys. In this case, two-factor authentication is used because a code and a key are both required. It’s difficult to get through that door without one of them.

In this example, we can see why you should use two-factor authentication to protect your personal information. The one-time verification code is sent to your phone via SMS. If a hacker sets up a keylogger, they can copy your password, but they can’t hack you without your phone.

Example 2: During the current pandemic, most businesses are shifting their operations from home, and employees are also working remotely, increasing hacking threats by 20%. The most common method of hacking is through the account login page. You can use two-factor authentication to protect your e-commerce store from all such threats. Through this, you can see why you should use two-factor authentication to protect your organization’s data. For 2FA several methods can be used which are OTP over SMS, OTP Over SMS & Email, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Push Notification, and many more.

What you should use 2-factor authentication?

For Magento 2, you can add an extra layer of security with our magento 2 2fa extension. In order to secure Magento 2 websites and stores, miniOrange provides two-factor authentication. When creating a new account or logging into an existing customer’s account, this is verified in two ways. In terms of account security, it can be considered one of the most reliable processes.

You can secure your Magento 2 store from hackers, keyloggers, unauthorized logins, data sniffing tools, and other threats by enabling miniOrange Magento Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) extenstion. With a password and security code from your smartphone, you can easily enhance the security of your Magento admin and customers.

What if you used miniOrange magento 2 2FA extension on your magento 2 site:

How Magento 2FA works?

Something you Know, Have and Are

In order to perform two-factor authentication, the user must provide two of the following three “somethings ”:

  • Something you know: your account personal identification number (PIN), or a password.
  • Something you have: such as a mobile phone or a software application that generates one-time passwords
  • Something you are: This category is a bit more advanced, and might include a biometric pattern of a fingerprint, voice, or retina.

What methods miniOrange Magento Two-factor authentication(2FA) provides?

Supported 2FA Methods

We support the largest number of 2FA methods for Magento Admins and Magento customers.

Mobile Authenticator (TOTP)

  1. OTP over SMS
  2. OTP over Email
  3. OTP Over SMS & Email
  4. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA)
  5. Google Authenticator
  6. Microsoft Authenticator
  7. Duo Push Notification
  8. miniOrange Authenticator
  9. Okta verify Authenticator
  10. LastPass Authenticator
  11. Backup Methods
    1. Backdoor URL

Own SMS gateway

miniOrange provides and uses its own SMS Gateway to send OTPs to users. If you have a custom SMS gateway, you can use the same to send SMS.

Benefits of miniOrange Magento 2 Two-factor authentication (2FA) Extension

Strong Authentication: You can login using username along with password and two-factor or username and two-factor.

Support All Phones: All types of phones are supported Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc.

Deploy Quickly: Magento 2FA extension can be deployed for your entire userbase in minutes.

Inline Registration: It offers inline registration of users so you can simply activate and configure the plugin and you are all set.

24/7 Support: We provide world class continuous support and answers to all your queries and questions if you have any.

Multiple Authentication Methods: We support multi factor authentication for all type of phones such as Soft Token, QR Code Authentication, Push Notification are supported by miniOrange Authenticator App.

Security Questions: If you want to login from mobile browser then any authentication method can be converted into Security Questions (KBA) by just one click.

Highly Secure: If your phone is lost or stolen or discharged, we offer alternate login methods like OTP Over Email and Security Questions (KBA) and if your phone is offline, you can use a one time passcode generated by app to login.

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