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YourMembership Single Sign-On (SSO)

YourMembership is a composed suite of online membership management applications which was used by associations and other organizations to keep members busy, helps to track financial data, and supports administrative processes with smooth workflow management.

Nov 20, 2023

YourMembership Single Sign-On (SSO)

miniOrange YourMembership Single Sign-On (SSO) helps the clients to authenticate login using YourMembership credentials which helps them to explore online community engagement and gain visibility growth forward.

Our YourMembership Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin helps to secure authentication of users into WordPress sites by creating trust between YourMembership and WordPress sites.

Our miniOrange Cloud IdP allows your users to sign in to yourmembership using credentials from external apps like Google, Facebook, and many other identity providers. After the user has successfully authenticated, they are returned to your app, and their social profile information is pulled. The process is designed to simplify sign-in and registration experiences, providing a convenient alternative to mandatory login to your accounts providing you with a variety of information about the members.


  1. Creation of Communication professional target groups in YourMembership is easy.
  2. YourMembership helps in Automated and on-demand syncing of target groups.
  3. Through YourMembership Single sign-on capability, there is seamless login to communications professionals.

How YourMembership Single Sign-On (SSO) Works?

We may be asking ourselves how we can make a WordPress site Single Sign-On experience that saves somebody from making an entirely different username and secret key.

With miniOrange SSO functionality, end users are redirected to Yourmembership login when the SSO is initiated and users are authenticated at YourMembership. Hence, you can install our SSO plugin to make your site integrate with YourMembership.

YourMembership Single Sign-On

We came out with New API Support – Configure our plugin using the NEW REST APIs.

How miniOrange YourMembership SSO is Different?

1. Single Sign-On: WordPress Single Sign-On through YourMembership, easy and flawless integration with YourMembership.

2. Role Mapping: Helps you to map the membership type from YourMembership to roles in WordPress site.

3. Auto Redirect to YourMembership: Enables the WordPress site to restrict only logged-in users by redirecting the user to the YourMembership login page.

4. Attribute Mapping: Allows mapping of user-profiles values fetched from YourMembership to user attributes like EMail, Username, first and last name in your WordPress site

5. API-based Integration: To enable SSO to enter the API Key of YourMembership, API acts as an interface between YM and WordPress.

6. Shortcode to add YourMembership Login: To allow the user to authenticate via YourMembership add a shortcode anywhere on your WordPress site.

7. WordPress Multi-site Support: With multisite our miniOrange YourMembership (YM) plugin, helps you in setting up the YourMembership (YM) in minutes for all your sites in a network.

8. All YourMembership (YM) add-ons included like :

  • Page Restriction – Control content access / Protect content access by applying page restriction on all or specific pages of your site.
  • SCIM Automated User Provisioning - WordPress SCIM User Provisioning allows you to sync user’s creation, updating and deletion from your IDP to WordPress site.
  • BuddyPress Integration – Integrator allows you to map the attributes received from the IDP to the BuddyPress user profile attributes.
  • LearnDash Integration – map the SSO users to LearnDash groups as per the attributes sent by your Identity Provider i.e, Yourmembership (YM).
  • SSO Login Audit – SSO Login Audit captures all the YourMembership SSO users and generates detailed session reports.
  • Attribute-Based Redirection – ABR add-on helps you to redirect your users to different pages after they authenticate via YourMembership SSO into your site, based on the attributes sent by YourMembership (YM).

Why people prefer miniOrange YM SSO?

- Existing User store integrations (SSO): Provides real-time Single Sign-On(SSO) access for users without having to move users from their existing user stores.

- Auto-create users: From YourMembership users will be auto-generated on WordPress after SSO.

- Login Widgets: One can use Yourmembership login widgets to easily integrate the YourMembership SSO link with your WordPress site.

- Step-by-step Guides: Our step-by-step instructions guide you further in achieving your use case successfully. For any queries, please contact us at

- Protect Site: Users trying to access WordPress will be redirected to YourMembership (YM) login page for SSO.

- Cost-effective: Get access to SSO for YM with saving cost and time avoiding password fatigue by streamlining the user experience and adoption rates more.

- 24/7 Active Support: We provide world-class support and customers vouch for our support, ensuring you the best services all the time.


YourMembership’s Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a seamless Web experience across YourMembership and other third-party systems. It allows users to log on to your Web site once and gain secure, ready access to all related Websites.

Contact us at and we’ll help you set up SSO with YourMembership in no time.



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