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WordPress LMS 2FA – Two-Factor Authentication for LMS sites

Protect your WordPress LMS site with 2FA - Fortify your LMS platform against potential threats and keep your users data safe.


2FA For WordPress Membership: 2FA for Membership Sites

Protect your WordPress membership site with WordPress Two-factor Authentication plugin. Choose 2FA for membership today!


A Comprehensive Guide to Implement AAA with TACACS Server for Enterprise Networks

Implement AAA services for your enterprise network with Tacacs and Tacacs+ servers. This blog provides you with complete knowledge.


Authorization Code Flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE)

Learn how the Authorization Code flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) works and why you should use it for native and mobile apps.


CIBA – An Introduction To OpenID CIBA

In CIBA, the client application and authentication server are 2 separate devices - Decoupled. They communicate via the backchannel.


Convert WordPress Site to Android Application

Convert your WordPress Site to Android


Custom Database Connection

Create Custom Database Connection to authenticate users using configured IDP without migrating your user identities.


Do you have an IAM setup? Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Focuses on how and where IAM is used

IAM is a critical part of cybersecurity, and Single Sign-On (SSO) & multi-factor authentication (MFA) can help you protect your online identity.


DNN Two Factor Authentication Plugin – DNN 2FA

DNN Two Factor Authentication Plugin – DNN 2FA


Protecting Google Workspace Apps based on User Roles/Groups

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is the most popular set of everyday business apps used by organizations on a daily basis for storing and sharing information. The widespread acceptance and popularity of Google Workspace have made the G Suite apps prone to data leaks by employees within the company stealing company-sensitive data like sales leads, confidentiality agreements, company financials, and other information.


Headless WordPress A to Z | Single Sign-On (SSO) for Headless WordPress

Allow users to SSO into any Progressive Web App Frameworks (React, Flutter, Angular, Gatsby etc.) using Identity Providers like Azure AD, Okta, Keycloak and others with WordPress Headless Single Sign-On plugin.


Implement SMS and WhatsApp Notifications on Your Shopify Store

Implement SMS & WhatsApp notifications on Shopify. Real-time updates, high open rates & personalized engagement.


WordPress SSO with Keycloak | Keycloak SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Keycloak is an open-source Identity and Access Management system that supports Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for WordPress (WP) with their own set of clients. Keycloak supports all the standard identity provider protocols, such as SAML and OpenID Connect.


LDAP Authentication with Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that provides centralized management of users, computers and other objects within the network.


Microsoft 365 CASB for Sharepoint for Business Data Security and Compliance

Microsoft Sharepoint is a new player on the market that also offers a collaboration and project status tracking workflow between teams for managers to see progress from every possible view. Microsoft Sharepoint security is now a critical part of the office infrastructure and a tool, that every employee uses daily to update their tickets and track team progress to ensure that deadlines are met on time.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Active Directory (AD)

MFA for Active Directory allows you to secure access and log in to your VPN, RDP, windows login, and applications by verifying all Active directory accounts.


Okta integration with Shopify - Okta Shopify Single Sign-On (SSO)

Okta Integration with Shopify with Okta as IDP & easily connect Okta & Shopify with any apps on the web. Securely SSO into Shopify applications inclusive of the Plus Stores.


Cloud Hybrid & On-Premise Deployment Options for miniOrange’s Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Solution

Setup SSO into Oracle EBS using miniOrange’s Oracle EBS SSO solution using any Identity Provider of your choice.


OTP Verification

Learn how OTP Verification can protect your online accounts and transactions from fraud and hacking, Our comprehensive guide explains how it works and why it is essential for your online security!


Shopify and LMS integration | Enable MFA for your LMS site

Shopify LMS integration allows organizations to sell online courses using the Shopify storefront. Enable MFA over your LMS site. Shopify SSO for LMS site.


Preventing CLOP Malware with CASB | Enterprise Security

CLOP is a dangerous malware that has affected the data storage of several businesses, education centers, and government offices bypassing all the security rules set effortlessly damaging user identities, and selling all business-critical data over the dark web. A CASB solution is the ultimate solution to safeguard your business against such malware attacks.


RADIUS Vs. TACACS+: What to Choose For Enterprise Networks?

If you as an Enterprise Network User are confused between choosing RADIUS Vs. TACACS+ for Network Security, then this blog will help you make a firm decision.


How to secure ASP.NET with your Ethereum account

How to secure ASP.NET with your Ethereum account


Secure your Remote Work Future with Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO)

5X Secure means to validate users and prevent security breaches to their Zoom Account using Zoom SSO solution - Breaches and Benefits Explained


Secure VPN with Multi-Factor Authentication

A secure VPN offers several advantages for those who want online privacy and wish to limit their digital exposure. miniOrange can provide MFA on top of VPN for more security.


What is a LMS platform? Why should we integrate any LMS with Shopify

A Learning Management System (LMS) platform is a software application that allows you to create, distribute, and manage online courses and educational content.


ServiceNow CASB Cloud Security for Compliance and Granular Access Control

ServiceNow is the most common software solution you’ll find in use at the top Fortune 500 companies for their daily use in automating and managing their team workflows. The admin users, entire teams, and even customers can use the ServiceNow platform for smoother and more transparent communication using several ServiceNow apps and plugins.


Shopify User Session Management

Shopify Case studies for User session management and adaptive authentication. Restrict Multiple Login by terminating existing session of users in Store.


Enable SSO into Shopify Admin & Add Unlimited Staff Members

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) in Shopify Admin & add unlimited staff members & restrict their access based on tags. Also supports SSO login via Multiple IDPs.


Shopify Headless (Hydrogen) SSO for E-commerce

Shopify Hydrogen is a React-based framework for creating headless storefronts. Shopify headless (Hydrogen) ecommerce allows you to create stores that are powerful, scalable, and secure.


What is Store Migration? How can we Migrate an eCommerce site to Shopify

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) in Shopify Admin & add unlimited staff members & restrict their access based on tags. Also supports SSO login via Multiple IDPs.


Shopify Web3 Login using Single Sign-On (SSO)

Login to Shopify using Crypto Wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet, Wallet Connect & enable Web3 based Login using Single Sign On-SSO for Shopify Plus & Non-Plus.


Single Sign-On in WordPress Membership Plugins

Restrict access to specific site content areas for members by utilizing Membership Plugins.


Shopify Single Sign-On (SSO) Login

Shopify Single Sign-On SSO login provides Authentication with secure access to Shopify Stores (Plus and Non plus). Supports Shopify SSO Login with all SAML, OAuth, LDAP, Open ID and many more


How to use Single Sign-On for your ASP.NET MVC application?

How to use Single Sign-On for your ASP.NET MVC application?


Migrating from RSA Access Manager to miniOrange Identity Platform

Migrating from RSA’s Access Manager? Get easy and free support for your organizations to tackle issues like cost, MFA methods, etc.


The Best OTP Login & Verification solution for Shopify

OTP Login will prevent fake orders & spammers by verifying users with OTP sent on their phone/email at user registration & before checkout on Shopify Store.


User Provisioning and Data Synchronization – User Synchronization for WordPress

Automate user creation, updation and deletion from the IDP and sync to your WordPress site in real-time.


VPN Security: How 2FA helps to secure your VPN?

Secure your VPN by using different two-factor authentication methods for Fortinet FortiGate SSL VPN security, How you can use 2FA for VPN.


Streamlining Access: Exploring the Power of Single Sign-On for Web Applications

Learn how to enable seamless access to your web applications and services by implementing Single Sign-On (SSO), which empowers users to effortlessly navigate multiple apps and websites with a single set of credentials.


What is a Directory service and Why do you need one?

A directory service is a database that stores and maintains information about users and resources.


What is ADFS?

What is ADFS ? Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) is a software component created by Microsoft to provide Windows Server operating systems Single Sign-On to users..It is a feature that allows sharing of identity information outside a company’s network. Know more about ADFS components and why it is used.


What is an Identity Provider (IDP)?

An Identity Provider (IdP) stores and manages users digital identities. Learn how IdP works and what are its benefits.


What is Azure Active Directory? | Microsoft Azure AD

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is cloud service that provides IAM & helps administrators handle multiple user logins.


What is Deprovisioning & why is it important?

Deprovisioning ensures that the former employees do not have access to the organization’s resources right at the moment that they leave.


What is G Suite IP Restriction? Enable IP Restriction for G Suite

IP Restriction for G Suite allows secure login and restricts unauthorized access based on IP address, geolocation, time, and the device.


Header Based Authentication

Extends Modern authentication for users into enterprise Legacy applications, allowing users to login using the same username and password across both, modern and legacy applications.


Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS): Everything You Should Know About IDaaS Providers

Take Your Identity Management to the Next Level with IDaaS. Learn Its Features, Benefits, How It Works and many more in this Comprehensive Guide.


What is Just in Time (JIT) Provisioning | How does JIT work?

Just in Time Provisioning (JIT) automates the creation of user accounts in web applications. It delivers user information from the identity provider to web apps via the SAML protocol.


Kerberos NTLM Windows SSO

Kerberos is a cryptography-based authentication protocol that guards access to applications. This protocol is designed to provide secure authentication over an insecure network.


What is LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)?

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a vendor-neutral application protocol that is used to get access & maintain distributed directory information in an organized manner over Intranet or Cloud. LDAP authentication work by validating the username and password against the directories such as Active Directory.


What is Malware? How Anti Malware works?

Malware is a catch-all term for any type of malicious software designed to infiltrate or exploit any programmable device, service, or network without the owner’s informed consent. Malware can infect computers and devices in several ways and comes in a number of forms, just a few of which include Viruses, Worms, Trojans, OWASP attacks, Brute force, Code injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections, Spyware, and more.


What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and how does it work?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of authentication in order to gain access to the resources & overcome security threats.


What is Out-Of-Band Authentication (OOBA)?

Out Of Band Authentication (OOBA) is a type of 2FA that uses a secondary verification method delivered over a different communication channel.


What is SCIM Provisioning? SCIM Provisioning in Shopify

Shopify SCIM provisioning enables real-time provisioning and deprovisioning of users and automates user syncing between your application and Shopify.


What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and How does SSO Work?

What is single sign-on (sso) and how it works? also learn types of sso,its benefits, and challenges for securing your apps with it.


What is Single Sign On Authentication | How does it work?

Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication enables users to securely log in with a single ID across multiple independent software systems.


Web SSO: What is it and How does it Work?

A web SSO system allows a user to access many other web apps and password-protected websites with a single set of credentials for authentication.


WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which E-Commerce Platform is Best for You?

We will check out an in-depth comparison between WooCommerce and Shopify and closely examine their features, user experiences, customer support, pricing, and other critical factors.


WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugin – Best WordPress Login Security Solution

Protect your WordPress membership site with WordPress Two-factor Authentication plugin. Choose 2FA for membership today!


What is External API for WordPress And How To Get Started Using It?

What is External API for WordPress And How To Get Started Using It?


What is OAuth Azure SSO and How to Single Sign-On into WordPress using Azure AD Credentials?

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution for businesses. With the help of Azure AD, employees can sign up to multiple services and can access them with a single set of login credentials.


What is Page and Post Restriction ?

Page and Post Restriction plugin for WordPress is a perpetual, and stable plugin that helps you limit and secure admittance to your WordPress site in various manners. Page restrictions allow you to control who can view and/or edit individual pages. You can add restrictions for individual pages or for WordPress groups.


WordPress Two-Factor Authentication: 2FA For Big Business

Secure your WordPress website today with WordPress two-factor authentication (2FA) designed specifically for big businesses.


YourMembership Single Sign-On (SSO)

YourMembership is a composed suite of online membership management applications which was used by associations and other organizations to keep members busy, helps to track financial data, and supports administrative processes with smooth workflow management.


What is Zero Trust Security & How does it work?

Zero Trust is an approach to perimeter-less security that helps create an effective environment, policies, and infrastructure to minimize data breaches. Although many enterprises were moving towards the Zero-Trust model, Remote working (Work From Home) accelerated it by ten folds.

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