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What is a DDoS Attack and how can you protect DDoS Attack?

DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are the most common hacking methods used to slow server speeds by flooding them with a surge of requests in a short period. In the worst case scenarios, the servers may crash and the entire system along with the mission-critical applications all shut down causing huge losses to businesses and leading to a decline in customer trust.

Sep 4, 2023

Current threat of DDoS attacks

Currently, DDoS attacks threaten to take down company network resources (like host machines), and crush the brand image of your company. In today’s fast-paced internet-driven world, server or web application downtimes lead to a tremendous loss of revenue even if they’re for a short period. Even if your developers do manage to get them up and running again, the damage is done. DDoS protection strategies being implemented are not effective enough to handle large-scale attacks. A DDoS attack can be detected when there are sudden spikes in web traffic, which increases the site load time. If from a set of IPs, a lot of connection requests came in a very short time, hints at a potential DDoS attack.

So what is the best way to prevent a DDoS attack?

The best way to prevent a DDoS attack

DDoS (or Distributed Denial of Service) is a business-threatening attack, but there are DDoS prevention methods to mitigate these attacks and build resilience towards them.

The best way to prevent a DDoS attack is by setting up a Reverse Proxy Server. It provides advanced Zero Trust architecture and Security mechanisms to prevent your servers from ever suffering a DDoS attack. It comes with a feature known as Rate Limiting, where you can customize the maximum number of requests over a given time span. You can configure a Rate Limiting DDoS prevention system, according to your business traffic and security rules, or you can take our expert advice as well.

When Rate Limiting is enabled, no traffic will be allowed to reach your proxied site after the set time span. This way any unwanted traffic (or bot traffic) attempting to perform a DDoS attack will be successfully mitigated and complete security will be provided for your websites and applications. If you have an SD-WAN business and are looking to prevent a DDoS attack, SQL injections, or Cross-site Scripting, Rate Limiting guarantees complete end-to-end security for your applications. You can also use a firewall to prevent DDoS attacks with a Reverse Proxy.

Rate limiting

Benefits of a Reverse Proxy to prevent DDoS attacks

Here are the top benefits of using a Reverse Proxy server to prevent any form of DDoS attack.

  • A Reverse Proxy provides additional security integrations like IP Restriction, Location Restriction, Device Restriction, and even Time Restriction.
  • You can set Traffic Monitoring to check website traffic for each incoming request.
  • You can configure user access levels and set Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • No need to install any 3rd party software.
  • Set custom rules for flexible user flow with top-notch security simultaneously.
  • Easy integration with any application that needs to be proxied to provide DDoS protection.

How does a Reverse Proxy server prevent DDoS attacks?

Suppose we have a user named Saul. Saul has enabled Rate Limiting on a Reverse Proxy server to protect all his web applications from DDoS attacks. Here’s how it works in securing his applications.

  1. Saul has to enter 2 fields, the number of requests the applications should receive and the time span for the requests.
  2. Suppose he enters 1000 requests and the timeout duration is 5 minutes.
  3. This means that in total his application can only receive 1000 requests over a period of 5 minutes.
  4. If under 5 minutes, the number of requests crosses over 1000 (possible DDoS attack), those requests will be redirected to an error 403 page to show forbidden access.
  5. This way, Saul has successfully protected his applications from a DDoS attack and secured his application servers from crashing.


DDoS attacks across industries are increasing and advancing rapidly. To protect your company from such threats and more, you need to get a Reverse Proxy Server set up, configure a firewall, block the traffic, set Rate Limiting and monitor all requests along with Zero trust Security.

So if you’re looking to get the best DDoS prevention method(system) for your applications, miniOrange Reverse Proxy is the go-to solution with its world-class support at the most affordable and competitive price. We also grant you a feature of the firewall to prevent DDoS attacks within the Reverse Proxy. We provide solutions and prices for all types of companies (B2B or B2C) and across all industry domains with the best DoS and DDoS prevention systems in the market. You can start by registering now from here: Sign Up Now.

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