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Atlassian Server is gone but Marketplace Add-ons stays with you!

Atlassian server support is ending in February 2024. Existing customers have three years to migrate to Data Center or Cloud. Server support will be limited after February 2, 2022, with no new bug fixes or features. Marketplace add-on sales and renewals will end on February 2, 2023. miniOrange will be providing migration support for customers.


Atlassian’s Server License Discontinuation: What are your options?

By now, everyone is aware of Atlassian’s announcement on Server license discontinuation and selling new server license instances from Feb 2, 2021. If you have been living under a rock and missed the announcement.


Atlassian SAML SSO with SCIM DC: A Powerful Duo for Synergizing Atlassian's Applications

How can organizations efficiently manage user identities and access, across their Atlassian applications such as Jira, Confluence, and Crowd? This is a pivotal question posed to businesses in this era of ever-evolving workspaces, and digital teamwork as we rely heavily on collaboration and productivity tools to streamline our work processes.


Automate User Provisioning in Atlassian apps with miniOrange User Sync ⚙️ 👤

Licensing has become a dicey subject and the budget pressure on companies is on an entirely different level. As your company grows, manually managing the entire Access Management is a hassle.


SSO for Atlassian Applications connected to Crowd

Jira Service Management (JSM) is a powerful service management solution designed to streamline your support processes. However, JSM portals often face the challenge of dealing with spam tickets generated by malicious actors or automated bots, especially if it’s a public-facing platform.


Crowd User Management at your fingertips

Use Crowd SCIM to sync your users, groups and directories with SCIM for Server/DC. Support for Azure AD, Okta, Onelogin, Oracle IDCS, ... IDPs

double-up- your-atlassian-security-with-mfa

Double-Up your Atlassian Security with MFA!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires the user to authenticate themselves for two or more factors, in order to gain access to company resources, applications, or a VPN.


Duo push notification and webauthn as 2FA for atlassian apps

Duo Push Notification your users don’t need to wait for a code or OTP and type it. Instead they will just tap the tick mark and the authentication is done.


Enable Jira 2FA for Customers and skip for Employees

Enable Jira Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for customers & skip for Employees. Secure internal & external users by configuring 2FA for Jira. Our add-on is highly flexible and can be configured to fit your requirements perfectly. It provides custom configuration options to manage 2FA for all sets of users like 2FA for customers, Two Factor Authentication for employees, admins, remote users, service desk agents, and more.


Ensuring Secure Sharing of Confluence Pages with External Users: The miniOrange Approach

Developed by miniOrange, ‘Secure Share’ enables you to generate secure, unique links to the Confluence pages and share them with external non-confluence users without making it public.


From Authentication to Empowerment: Harnessing OAuth and OpenID Connect for Atlassian App Advancements

So, you're in the midst of migrating your company's applications to a Data Center, huh? Well, you're definitely not alone. As the end of Server support looms, many companies are jumping on the migration bandwagon. And one thing they're considering is implementing Single sign-on (SSO) for their applications.


Fortify Your Defenses: Understand How Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Works and Its Benefits

In our previous exploration of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), we introduced you to its significance and various types. Now, in this article, we're going to dive deeper into the mechanics of 2FA and uncover the numerous advantages it brings to the table.


How miniOrange SCIM Simplifies Centralized IDP User Management in Atlassian Apps

SCIM an acronym for ‘System for Cross-domain Identity Management’ is a protocol that allows for automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts between different systems. Our app allows seamless login into the Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd and other Atlassian.


How miniOrange User Sync/SCIM Automates User Provisioning for Atlassian DC applications

Managing users in Atlassian manually, especially in situations with large numbers of users, is time-consuming and prone to human error. With employees joining various departments and projects on a regular basis, a lot of time is spent on managing users with the access they need which can lead to users being provisioned incorrectly.


Secure Atlassian Cloud with Single Sign-On (SSO) & 2FA/MFA

Secure Atlassian cloud Apps like Jira & Confluence cloud using miniOrange SSO solution with additional security of Two-Factor Authentication(2FA /MFA)


Integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) with INFOSYSTA Mobile Apps

Infosysta has integrated miniOrange’s Single Sign On their Mobile for Jira and JSmobile applications, which is easy to install, configure and use. With ease of moving from desktop to your mobile phone plus advanced security with SSO comes together to give you a supportive system.


Integration of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with INFOSYSTA Mobile Apps

miniOrange provides improved security with 2FA for mobile apps such as Mobile for Jira and JSMobile in collaboration with Infosysta. Infosysta has now integrated miniOrange’s Two Factor Authentication with their Mobile for Jira and JSmobile applications, which are easy to install, configure and use. With ease of moving from PCs to your mobile phone plus advanced security with 2FA comes together to give you a supportive system.


Introducing ‘Portal Only Customers SSO’ Integration to Enhance Your JSM Security and Seamless Customer Access

Jira Service Management (JSM) is a powerful service management solution designed to streamline your support processes. However, JSM portals often face the challenge of dealing with spam tickets generated by malicious actors or automated bots, especially if it’s a public-facing platform.

jira-cloud-scim-user-sync-embrace-multiple-idps-and customer-sync-freedom-for-individual-application

Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync: Embrace Multiple IDPs and Customer Sync Freedom for Individual Applications

Unlock exceptional user experiences while maintaining control over applications and data with Jira Cloud SCIM/User Sync. Seamlessly integrate your Identity Provider, develop custom applications, sync customer data, and enjoy enhanced security measures.


Managing Bulk Users: Features & More!

The bulk user management add-on ensures users can manage their accounts more efficiently using the Bulk User Management add-on. It makes it possible to perform actions such as import/export users, bulk delete, or even deactivate inactive users.


Sharing Confluence Space & Pages With Unlicensed Users!

Secure Share Pages for Confluence Cloud that helps replicate and share live Confluence spaces and pages with unlicensed or external users


Secure Jira Datacenter With Password Policy Manager

Password security is very important in today’s digital world. Atlassian allows you to create a secure environment by letting admins set password policies for users which specify the number of characters, type, and special characters.


Secure your Jira with 2FA (OTP over SMS/ Email)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your Jira account by requiring a one-time code (OTP) in addition to your password. To enable 2FA on Jira using OTP over SMS or email, miniOrange provides add-on for Atlassian Jira. 2FA benefits include increased security, reduced risk of data breaches, and compliance with regulations.


The Power of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Protecting Your Digital Assets

Gone are, if not yet, then will be, the days when a single password was all that you needed to access your accounts. With our lives becoming more reliant on digitalization by the day, be it shopping and consuming media to working and banking, everything being done via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop it’s no wonder that our online accounts become a magnet for crooks.


Best way to Secure Your Atlassian Data Center (DC)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your Jira account by requiring a one-time code (OTP) in addition to your password. To enable 2FA on Jira using OTP over SMS or email, miniOrange provides add-on for Atlassian Jira. 2FA benefits include increased security, reduced risk of data breaches, and compliance with regulations.


SAML/OAuth SSO for JSM Customers

Could you imagine what it would be like if I told you that external customers can now log in via SSO to your Jira Service Management portals? We’ve got your back with our exclusive solution, SAML/OAuth SSO for JSM Customers.


Log into Atlassian Cloud using External OAuth/OIDC Provider

Atlassian Cloud offers competitive pricing, especially for small user-tiers. Here comes Atlassian Access an enterprise-grade subscription for your SSO needs.


SSO into Jenkins while managing users in Atlassian Crowd

miniOrange Jenkins Crowd SSO Connector is capable of creating user sessions by reading the Crowd session.


User Provisioning App : Keeps you in sync with multiple Atlassian applications!

User Provisioning is the process of creating, updating and/or deleting a user’s account and access through multiple applications at once. In our particular case this user sync or SCIM can be applied to Atlassian applications for Jira User Sync and Confluence User Sync.


Want extra features on top of Native SSO?

SO enables the users to sign in securely to their multiple independent applications. Users enter their login credentials only once that are stored in the Identity Provider.


Authentication methods to Secure Jira/Confluence data center Rest APIs

Since rest APIs are open to the internet, anyone can gain illegitimate access to it. Thus making it crucial to validate each API call made to the server. Secure Jira/Confluence data Center Rest APIs with our advanced authentication methods. Try our REST API Authentication app. The app supports various authentication methods like API Token, OAuth 2.0/OpenID token, etc. and it also provides configurable access control to block the REST API calls made using basic authentication or OAuth 1.0.


Secure Data in Jira and Confluence using WebAuthn

Passwords are difficult to remember, driving individuals to pick feeble ones and reuse them again and again. Passwords are additionally simple to phish, with security attacks that happen from time to time.


Want to manage your users through bulk user management?

Effortlessly manage your users using our Bulk User Management app. Schedule automated operations like deactivation, reactivation, and app access removal. Effectively handle groups and import/export files, including user data. Additionally, Save on expenses by automatically deactivating users when necessary.


Confluence External Share for external partners/users of Confluence

Confluence External Share/Secure Share allows in secure sharing of Confluence pages externally with users saving extra license cost for additional/external users. With Confluence External Share/Confluence Secure Share you can share your Confluence pages to any external user without making it public. Furthermore, the shared Confluence pages can be protected by password, and you can also set their expiry time.


What is Secure Share/External Share?

Jira Secure Share lets you share your Jira issues with any user (even outside Jira user tier). It allows you to create & share access links for your issues. Your end-users will be able to access shared Jira issues with these links. Secure Share allows conveniece, cost savings with advanced access security to keep your details safe.

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