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NFT Token Gate users with GameStop wallet over Loopring blockchain

Enable NFT Token Gating for your website, over the Loopring blockchain and the NFTs stored in the GameStop wallet. Admin can specify NFTs to be owned in order to access the NFT Token Gated Pages. NFT can be mapped to a page based on Contract Address and can also specify further which token IDs from contract to be owned in order to access the page.

Aug 16, 2023

Its official, GameStop now has its own Crypto wallet! GmaeStop’s Ethereum wallet will support sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, and even hold NFTs using the Loopering Layer 2.solution. With this new addition to an already vast list of crypto wallets available for Ethereum, miniOrange is introducing NFT Token Gating for WordPress sites with Gamestop Wallet using walletconnect.

What is NFT Token Gating with GameStop wallet over Loopring?

NFT Token Gating is a Web3 security method where users can restrict or grant access to their blogs and VIP pages based on the NFTs owned by the user and present in their Crypto wallet. NFT Token Gating for any site, enables you to require users to validate their NFT ownership in order to log in or register to your website AND read any material such as posts, pages, images, videos, documents, or other custom content kinds.

In this blog we will specifically talk about the NFTs user store in their GameStop wallet and how NFT Token Gating works for securing their website. So when the users have the required NFTs in their GameStop wallet, only then they’ll get access to your website. If not, then as an option you can provide the list where your NFT collection is listed.

Working of NFT Token Gating with GameStop wallet over Loopring

Now let’s understand in detail how NFT Token Gating with GameStop wallet works.

  • A user navigates to the site or a sub-section of the site, where the admin has enabled NFT Token Gating.
  • The user will be prompted to connect their Crypto wallet, in this case, the user will connect the GameStop wallet.
  • Once connected using GameStop Wallet, and the user satisfies all the requirements to access the page, they will be redirected to the token gated page.
  • If yes, then the user is granted access to interact with the site.
  • If the user fails to match the requirements and access denied message will show up. And a button also appears for the user to buy the required NFT from the marketplace where all the NFT collections are listed.

Features of NFT Token Gating with GameStop wallet.

1. Exclusive Membership: You can provide NFTs holders to give them VIP privileges and exclusive access to certain pages under your domain.

2. Custom Mapping to separate pages for each user: With custom mapping, you can redirect NFT holders to the relevant webpages. You can configure within the solution which NFT collection should redirect the user to which page.

3. Security: The decentralized nature of blockchain, provides the ultimate security for hiding user identities and since they are virtually unhackable, your website can receive the best protection from incoming threats.

4. Boosts Productivity: With a simple login feature like NFT Token Gating, where users can go password-less boosts productivity within the workflow for all team users.


In this blog, we saw how we can achieve NFT Token Gating for your website with the GameStop wallet along with Loopring blockchain. NFT Token Gating is the modern Web3 security solution that takes advantage of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to secure user identities, safe user authentication, and with its simplicity boosts work productivity as well.

So if you’re looking to set up NFT Token Gating for your website, miniOrange is the go-to solution provider with the best in class global support system to answer all your queries. We support Web3 security solution over several popular Crypto wallets and blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNC, Loopring, with MetaMask, CoinBase, Phantom and a lot more.

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