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How To Manage Multiple Blockchain Platforms with IBTG?

Businesses are exploring multiple blockchain platforms to find solutions that best align with their specific needs and requirements. Businesses may choose different blockchains based on factors such as scalability, security, privacy, and the type of applications they intend to deploy. But, as each blockchain is built on different protocols and technologies, managing numerous wallets or identities can be quite a challenge for businesses. Moreover, the manual process of switching between these various platforms to access content or services can be a confusing and complicated experience for businesses.

Jan 29, 2024

Addressing these challenges requires solutions that verify users, restrict content access, and enhance overall trust and transparency. One promising solution to address these challenges is by using Inter Blockchain Token Gating (IBTG).

In this blog, we’ll look into how IBTG simplifies user authentication and improves the overall user experience in a multi-blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, tools like Web3 WordPress Login and WordPress Web3 Suite from miniOrange provide functionalities for integrating Web3 technology with WordPress, allowing for seamless management of NFT-based gated content, which can enhance the security and access control mechanisms for virtual meetings and webinars.

What is Inter Blockchain Token Gating?

Inter Blockchain Token Gating (IBTG) is an innovative solution that enables businesses to easily use multiple blockchain platforms without the need to remember or maintain wallet credentials. It simplifies the management of tokens or NFTs across different platforms and allows you to regulate access to content. This approach enables specific content to be token-gated by leveraging NFTs from various blockchain networks.


For example, let's say a company wants to seamlessly access Ethereum and XRPL wallets within a unified interface. By enabling Inter Blockchain functionality, users can:


  • Link and verify their Ethereum and XRPL wallets simultaneously by following a simplified verification process.


  • Allows users to access and interact with token-gated content across multiple blockchain ecosystems.


  • Ensure uniformity and security across both Ethereum and XRPL wallets.


  • Maintains a high level of security and transparency in managing user wallets.


miniOrange offers Inter Blockchain Token Gating (IBTG) solutions to help businesses easily access their wallets on various blockchain platforms.

Benefits of miniOrange IBTG

1. No Separate Accounts:

Users who verify NFT in their wallets often have to create different accounts for various WordPress sites. However, with IBTG, users can link multiple blockchain wallets to a single user account on WordPress or Web3 sites, which simplifies the login process and eliminates the need for creating multiple accounts.

2. Easily use multiple blockchain networks:

This feature allows users to easily access content on multiple blockchains without manually switching accounts by selecting and configuring various blockchain networks for token and NFT verification.

By enabling these features, IBTG simplifies the user experience, promotes interoperability among blockchain ecosystems, and reduces barriers to accessing token-gated content on diverse networks.

IBTG Working

  • A user initiates a connection with a crypto wallet (e.g., Metamask, an EVM-based wallet).


  • The wallet address from Metamask is securely stored in our database.


  • The user is given the option to connect with their Xumm wallet, and its address is also stored in our database.


  • NFT balances linked to both wallet addresses are retrieved.


  • Corresponding details of NFT balances are updated in our database.


  • The user gains access to gated content based on the NFT assets they hold.


Inter Blockchain Token Gating (IBTG) by miniOrange enables businesses to use multiple blockchain platforms using a single WordPress account. By breaking down the barriers between blockchains, IBTG allows users to connect with multiple wallets that operate on different blockchains, creating a connected, decentralized ecosystem. The development of new blockchain-based projects is expected to drive the adoption of IBTG and unlock new possibilities in the decentralized landscape.

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