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Enhance eHealth Store Management With miniOrange Shopify SSO Solutions

Secure your Shopify healthcare stores with miniOrange Shopify SSO Solutions. Enhance customer trust and experience in your eHealth store today!

Oct 26, 2023

People these days prefer to buy their medications online through eHealth Shopify stores. This shift largely boils down to the benefits these stores offer. One of the key benefits includes convenient access to a diverse range of health and wellness items. This includes over-the-counter medications, medical supplies, vitamins, personal care essentials, fitness equipment, and various other products. Not to forget, these stores also offer unique ailment-specific drugs, as well as attractive discounts, free shipping, and other perks to customers.

However, on the flip side, eHealth shop owners face a range of challenges when it comes to managing online Shopify stores. Restricting some sensitive data or some medicines/drugs from specific patients, allowing users to perform passwordless logins, and staying updated with the inventory prove to be cumbersome tasks for store owners. Keeping track of eHealth stores is crucial because they must be adequately stocked to meet the wide range of needs of consumers.

That's where the miniOrange Shopify application steps in! These security solutions provide a smarter way to oversee all your eHealth Shopify stores.

In this blog, we'll look into what the miniOrange Shopify application solutions are about and see how they can enhance the security and store restrictions of healthcare stores.

So, let's get started!

Problems With eHealth Store Management

With the growing patient population worldwide, eHealth businesses will witness a considerable boom in the coming years. Estimates suggest that the global eHealth market will reach $193.8 billion by 2025. Yet, a major obstacle to the growth of eHealth stores is the effective management of online store operations and serving customers.

Here are some of the challenges that eHealth stores often face:

  • Inventory Management
    eHealth stores need to handle a wide range of products, each with its own unique shelf life and storage requirements. Effective inventory management is essential for stores to avoid overstocking, understocking, or selling expired products.


  • Data Security & Privacy
    Protecting sensitive customer information, including personal and health data, is a significant challenge for eHealth stores.


  • Customer Verification
    Verifying a customer's identity remotely can be a bit tricky. This involves using secure and reliable methods, such as two-factor authentication, biometrics, or checking documents, all while avoiding potential identity theft or fraud.


  • Monthly Subscription
    Customers like senior citizens, cancer patients, or those suffering from diabetes often need a steady stream of medication. Handling these ongoing customer demands can pose a challenge for eHealth shops.

How can miniOrange help with this?

miniOrange’s Shopify App solutions can be a real game-changer for eHealth companies. It makes it super simple to keep track of wellness stores for factors like user authentication, syncing product inventory and customer orders, and conducting various marketing campaigns.

With these solutions, store owners can easily customize access for customers and manage everything in one place. This flexibility is a real lifesaver when it comes to tracking how well your store is selling, handling product lines, and testing out all sorts of marketing tricks—all in one handy spot.

Features of miniOrange Shopify App Solutions

miniOrange Shopify app solutions offer tailored features for healthcare store management, setting them apart from other providers.

Here are some of its top features

Shopify SSO Login

The Shopify Single Sign On (SSO) solution lets customers—may it be doctors or patients—log in to the eHealth store using just one set of credentials from their preferred identity providers (IdPs), social media accounts, or store credentials. This eliminates the need for maintaining multiple usernames and passwords, greatly simplifying the login process for end users and saving time and effort.

Shopify As IDP for User Authorization & Authentication

miniOrange allows eHealth stores to use the same Shopify credentials to access the eHealth mobile application. This streamlines the authentication and authorization process, improves security and user experience, and reduces the administrative effort associated with handling various application logins.

SCIM Solution For User Management

miniOrange SCIM solution streamlines adding, modifying, or removing users from the Identity Provider (IdP) and syncing this data with the Shopify healthcare store. This functionality allows store owners to synchronize information such as orders, products, and user data efficiently.

OTP Login/Register Solution

The OTP Login feature provides passwordless authentication that requires users to authenticate themselves by verifying a unique code sent to their registered devices for access. This enables users to sign up and log in using just their email ID. For doctors and healthcare professionals, miniOrange provides OTP verification codes on registered email addresses and phone numbers.

SMS Notifications

Shopify SMS notification feature keeps customers informed about the status of their purchased orders and services. Enhance customer engagement by giving timely updates regarding order status, appointments, and important health checkup alerts in real-time. It ensures seamless and efficient communication between eHealth store owners and customers.

Subscription Management

eHealth store using the Shopify subscription management feature allows the offering of flexible monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription plans tailored to individual health needs. It helps to easily set up, modify, and track health plans, streamlining the recurring plan and providing a seamless experience for eHealth customers.

Avail Discount Coupons

The avail discount coupon feature helps Shopify eHealth stores attract new and existing customers. It allows store owners to offer special discount coupons on healthcare products or services like checkups at the time of checkout. They can also create targeted promotions and boost sales.

Content Restriction

Restrict access to certain healthcare products and services from specific users on your eHealth store with the Shopify Content Restriction feature. Limit specific pages or resources to customers based on their purchased plan or subscription. Maintain confidentiality and offer tailored access to relevant content for healthcare professionals and authorized individuals.

Firewall IP Restriction

Allow location-based access to Shopify eHealth stores with the firewall IP restriction feature. Enable only specific IP addresses or countries to access your Shopify application, improving security by controlling entry points.

Use Cases

Online Fitness Store

An online fitness store that offers personalized fitness plans and products for customers and trainers wants to streamline user access and manage subscriptions efficiently on its store. miniOrange helped meet these requirements using the following features.

  1. Subscription Management for Fitness Plans
    The online fitness store used the Shopify subscription management feature to allow customers to choose and modify fitness plans, upgrade/downgrade subscriptions, and manage payments easily.


  1. Content Restriction for Store Page Access
    The Shopify content restriction feature allowed only premium customers and specialized personal trainers to access designated workout plans, nutritional guides, or private user information based on their access levels. This ensured privacy while providing a secure fitness experience


  1. Shopify as IDP for Streamlined Access
    Utilizing Shopify as an identity provider (IDP), the platform granted secure access to the fitness mobile application. This strengthened the store’s security by leveraging Shopify's strong authentication infrastructure.

Shopify ePharmacy Store

An ePharmacy store wanted to enhance the customer experience, ensure security, and promote sales of healthcare products in its store. It implemented the following Shopify application solutions

  1. SMS Notifications for Order Updates
    The ePharmcy store sent SMS notifications to the customer's registered mobile number to provide order confirmation, shipment updates, and delivery tracking details. This enhanced the customer experience by keeping them informed about their order status in real-time, improving trust and satisfactio


  1. Discount Coupons for Promotional Offers
    The ePharmacy store used the avail discount coupon feature to offer discounts to registered customers through email campaigns or website pop-ups. This drove customer engagement, boosted sales, and triggered customer loyalty.


  1. OTP Verification
    The Shopify OTP notification feature requires users to enter a unique code sent to their registered devices without the need to remember passwords. adding an extra layer of security during login. This prevented unauthorized access, protected sensitive customer data, and mitigated potential cyber threats or data breaches.


  1. Firewall IP Restriction for Enhanced Security
    Implementing the Firewall IP Restriction feature allowed the ePharmacy store to ensure that only authorized IP addresses could access the backend of the Shopify store. This helped increase store security, reduce the risks of data breaches, and protect customer information.


Operating an eHealth store on Shopify doesn't have to be an overwhelming task anymore. With the miniOrange Shopify application solutions, you can easily manage your healthcare stores while protecting patient data. Simplify your business operations, protect your data, enhance customer support today, and witness your business thrive in the e-commerce landscape with miniOrange.



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