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Wallet-less Onboarding and Hybrid Custody for your CMS

Blockchain technology has disrupted various industries by offering decentralized and transparent solutions. However, the intricacies of managing wallets and private keys have been a barrier to entry for many potential users. Wallet-less onboarding and hybrid custody aim to eliminate these barriers while maintaining a high level of security.

Aug 16, 2023

How does Wallet-less Onboarding work for CMS Platforms?

Wallet-less Onboarding is the process of creating new users on a blockchain-based platform without the precondition of owning a crypto wallet. This provides numerous benefits for any Web3 project. The traditional Web2 login methods can now be used to onboard users. Let your users sign up and login in the familiar Web2 way, using username and password. This promotes easy, wide scale and swift adoption of blockchain technology – which is the greatest concern in the Web3 landscape.

Use miniOrange’s Web3 solutions for numerous CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify etc) to bring the power of Wallet-less Onboarding and blockchain to your website. Our security products are already renowned in the Web2 space, and now we are bringing the same security to your website in the Web3 space.

If you are looking for a login and authentication solution for your website, our Web3 Authentication and Token Gating plugin is perfect for you. This plugin gives you great flexibility in managing user onboarding in a safe and efficient way. You can implement a Crypto Wallet Login or a Wallet-less Login using this plugin. We even give you the option to force Crypto Wallet Login for first time users.

How does Hybrid Custody work for CMS Platforms

How does Hybrid Custody work for CMS Platforms?

Hybrid Custody is a state of crypto custody in which user’s blockchain assets are managed by the platform (app custody) and themselves (self-custody) both. This means that the application performs all blockchain transactions on the user’s behalf, simplifying the user experience tremendously, while the user maintains ownership of the blockchain assets and can claim these at any time using a self-custody wallet.

It is not only that the user can claim ownership of their app wallet, they can use both their app wallet as well as their self-custodial wallet to manage their assets. A user does not have to choose between one of the two, he can use both. Therefore, if your users wish to continue using their blockchain assets on your platform, they can do so, while at the same time utilizing these assets on external platforms via their self-custodial wallet.

This is achieved by account abstraction and account delegation. Through these techniques, the user can delegate access of their app wallet to their self-custodial wallet. This enables them to retain true ownership of their blockchain assets while also maintaining full functionality within the app ecosystem.

Advantages of Wallet-less Onboarding and Hybrid Custody

  • Accessibility: Wallet-less onboarding enables a wider audience to participate in the blockchain ecosystem, including those with limited technical expertise.

  • User-friendly Experience: Users can engage with the platform using familiar authentication methods, leading to a more intuitive and less intimidating experience.

  • Reduced Risk: With hybrid custody, users benefit from the security of self-custody while enjoying the user-friendly interface of third-party solutions.

  • Enhanced Adoption: By removing the barrier of complex wallet management, CMS platforms can attract more users and accelerate mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Innovation: Wallet-less onboarding and hybrid custody pave the way for new use cases and innovations within the blockchain and CMS space.


The integration of wallet-less onboarding and hybrid custody into content management systems is a significant step toward democratizing blockchain technology. By simplifying the user experience and providing secure yet accessible custody solutions, these innovations have the potential to reshape the way we interact with blockchain-based platforms. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, wallet-less onboarding and hybrid custody represent a critical bridge between security and usability, fostering a new era of user-friendly blockchain adoption.

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