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Login with HashPack to Website and gate content with NFT token

Users can log in with HashPack to the website, pages, and user profile and secure the login process with one step. With the HashPack wallet connected to the website use cases such as NFT token gating and role mapping, Discount on eCommerce stores based on NFT owned can be achieved. Further support for crypto wallet login for Blade, Guarda, Dropp, HEX, INFINITE, MyHbarWallet, and NFT Token gating for Hedera HashGraph custom minted NFT.

Web3 features supported on Hedera HashGraph :

  • Login with Hedera HashGraph wallet : Support for Login with HashPack wallet to website, pages, and user profile hosted on multiple platforms. One step and secure login with a crypto wallet to the website with Hedera HashGraph wallets Blade,Guarda, Dropp, HEX, INFINITE, and MyHbarWallet.

  • Hedera HashGraph based NFT token gating: Gate/Restrict access to content based on NFT token ownership in HashPack and other crypto wallets. The website owner can lock content on different platforms and do token gating and grant access to restricted content based on crypto asset/NFT ownership in a crypto wallet.

  • Role Assigning based on HashGraph minted NFTT ownership : Assign roles on the website to users based on custom-minted NFT on Hedera HashGraph in the crypto wallet. The user does HashPack crypto wallet login to the website and the wallet is scanned for crypto asset ownership and accordingly, roles are assigned.

  • Manage access to Events and Meetings: Manage access to Events and Meetings based on HBAR tokens/NFT minted on Hedera HashGraph.If the user owns the specific HashGraph NFT in their wallet events and meeting access is given. Similarly based on the type of NFT ownership tiered access can be configured.

  • HBAR based access to eCommerce stores: Only allow users who own Hedera HashGraph minted NFT/tokens to purchase products from eCommerce stores. Additionally, give users eCommerce discounts based on NFT ownership in a crypto wallet.

  • Mint custom NFT on Hedera HashGraph: Users can convert Images, Audio, Video, and Content and mint them into NFT on Hedera HashGraph.The minted NFT can be listed on the NFT marketplace for purchase. The NFT can be minted to HashGraph wallets like Blade,Guarda, Dropp, HEX, INFINITE, and MyHbarWallet.

Login to Website with Hedera HashGraph wallets

Users can log in to the website with Hedera HashGraph wallets HashPack, Guarda, Blade, Dropp, HEX, INFINITE, and MyHbarWallet. Mandate form filling to collect user's basic information along with wallet address. Support to store crypto wallet address in the database when a user does crypto wallet login through Hedera wallets. Users can also do CSS styling of the Connect Hedera Wallet button on the website and place it at the position of choice on the website. Once the user has successfully connected their crypto wallet to the website/page multiple Web3 use cases can be achieved. It is completely safe and secure to do a crypto wallet login as only the public key is accessed and the private is never accessed.

HBAR token gated content

Restrict access to the website, pages, and user profile based on HBAR ownership in cryptowallet. NFT token gating for Hedera HashGraph is an effective way to manage access to different content. Support to custom mint NFT/tokens on Hedera HashGraph and implement gating of content for them. The user connects their wallet to the website and web3 technology verifies the NFT/token holdings in the wallet and accordingly, access is given to the gated/ restricted content, page, image, and video. Owner of the website can mint their own NFT on HashGraph and list it on their NFT marketplace. Users can purchase NFT/tokens from this marketplace and have access to gated/restricted content based on NFT ownership.

Create an NFT marketplace on Hedera HashGraph

Mint your own NFT and list them on the NFT marketplace with support for Lazy Minting. Upload Images, Audio, Video, and Content to the blockchain and convert it into an NFT. Lazy Minting is an effective way to manage your gas fees, where the fees are paid only after the sale of NFT is completed. You can further Import the entire NFT collection from the marketplace and print them on your website. Similarly, Import NFT from a crypto wallet and print them. Create an NFT gallery from the imported NFT with the option to customize the CSS to display. Support for NFT transactions for users to do crypto transactions to purchase and sell their NFTs.

Web3 eCommerce store for exclusive access

Allows an eCommerce store owner to create exclusive access to the store products based on NFT ownership. Only users who hold specific NFT in their wallet can have access to products in the eCommerce store. At the checkout page of the store, the wallet is again verified and a user with specific NFTs can only make a purchase. Managing an eCommerce store based on NFT ownership is an effective way to create exclusive store access. Based on HBAR token ownership different discounts can be given to users with an additional option to apply coupons based on NFT ownership.

Access Events based on NFT ownership

Participants can now attend Events, Meetings, and Webinars based on NFT ownership in the HashPack crypto wallet. After the event is commenced the participant can again sell their NFT tickets on the NFT marketplace. Additionally depending on the NFT owned in the wallet different types of tiered access can be achieved. Support for tiered access to Chat rooms based on NFT ownership in the wallet. If the user has the most premium NFT then one-on-one access to the chat room. Access to Events based on NFT ownership is an effective way to manage the audience.



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