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Confluence External Share for external partners/users of Confluence

Confluence External Share/Secure Share allows in secure sharing of Confluence pages externally with users saving extra license cost for additional/external users. With Confluence External Share/Confluence Secure Share you can share your Confluence pages to any external user without making it public. Furthermore, the shared Confluence pages can be protected by password, and you can also set their expiry time.

Feb 25, 2021

What is Confluence Secure Share?

It’s pretty common that help may arrive from unexpected places.

Your company might end up getting help from anywhere whether it be a small or a big company. But, the question arises how it will help your company if they don’t have access to your company’s projects. You have to share your confluence pages with them for them to help you out.


Confluence External Share/Confluence Secure Share allows you to share your Confluence pages to any external user, i.e a non confluence user, without making it public. In short one can share pages of Confluence to non-confluence users as well. The external shareable Confluence pages can be protected by password, and you can also set their expiry time. If a shared page has expired, it won’t be accessible to external users anymore. This way you can safely share confluence pages without the tension of the data being stolen or harmed.


Thus, your Confluence space is kept secure in the most protected way by sharing the pages without making the space public(anonymous). It permits you to make & share access links for your Confluence pages. Your end-users will be able to access the shared Confluence pages with these links without login.

Want to know why we introduced Confluence External Share or secure share?

Well the simple answer is to share pages of Confluence.


Let’s go back to square one…

What are the possible ways by which you can share your information with another company without hindering your data security. Take a guess…

Taking your desktop to their organization personally and showing it to them or calling them over to your company?


Take a picture of it from your other device and personally message them? Or just share your user name and password for them to access it?

Major problem, right?

Well now you don’t have to worry about it anymore. miniOrange has come up with a solution to share your confluence pages without putting your company’s project details in danger.

Our Secure share for confluence is the way to protect your projects and data even while sharing it with external users.

What is an External User?

Any other user which does not have access to your confluence page becomes an external user. You might want those users to not have full access to your confluence pages. You might want them to just view your pages or just comment on it or add attachments.

Our plugin helps you do what you require.

Worried about licensing ?

You might be thinking about the license. As those users might not have an Atlassian account or confluence license.

Our plugin solves the problem of creating new licenses for external users. You can save a lot by just installing our plugin. As you will not have to create an extra license for every external user.

Give it a thought.

Need of Secure Share/ External Share for Confluence

Confluence Secure Share/External share supports sharing the pages with every anonymous/external user with no restriction on the basis of who to share with, when to share, and how to protect the shared page even if it’s available for anonymous users.

Confluence also has in-built features to share Confluence pages with limitations where you could either share your pages with licensed users, or you’ll have to make your whole space public on the internet to externally share your Confluence pages with non-licensed users which makes it more vulnerable to security threats.

Confluence – Secure Share: The Ultimate Solution!

This application tackles perhaps the greatest challenge for the organizations utilizing Confluence. Licensed users can share Confluence pages through password protected links to the external users who do not have a Confluence account.

Confluence Secure Share

Features of Secure Share/External Share for Confluence (Data Center/Server):

  • Create and share access links for any Confluence page which does not require login
  • Set permissions for end-users to View/Add Comments/Attachments in the shared pages
  • You can password-protect your shared link with your own password or generate a random one for better security
  • Set validity for the shared link
  • Deactivate the shared link according to your convenience
  • Hassle-free deletion for expired secure links
  • Free support app setup. Contact us for a Secure Share demo!

Upcoming Features & Customer Support

  • Share your Confluence spaces with external users in a single click.
  • Admins can choose to restrict sharing of Confluence pages from certain spaces.
  • Keep user logs for accessing the share links

With immense customer support, we are here to help you with everything! Let us know your requirements at




  • Vinh Le

    Hi , I have a self hosted confluence site public accessible but now I wanted to turn it to private and only allowed users who are in my company private sql database. Cheers, Vinh

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