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What is Secure Share/External Share?

Jira Secure Share lets you share your Jira issues with any user (even outside Jira user tier). It allows you to create & share access links for your issues. Your end-users will be able to access shared Jira issues with these links. Secure Share allows conveniece, cost savings with advanced access security to keep your details safe.

Dec 24, 2021

What is Secure Share/External Share?

Jira External Share/Jira Secure Share allows you to share your Jira issues or tickets to any user, externally too (even outside Jira). The external shareable Jira cloud issue links can also be protected by password, with that you can also set the expiration of the link after which the link won’t work, and you need to regenerate the link in order to share it again. Thus, your Jira project is kept secure at its zenith. It permits you to make and share access links for your Jira issues. Your end-users will be able to access the shared Jira issues with these links!

The secure share add-on is available for the Jira cloud, data center, server!

Jira also has in-built features to share Jira issues with limitations where you could either share your tickets with licensed users,or you’ll have to make your whole project anonymous (that means publicly available over the internet) to externally share your Jira issues or tickets with non-licensed users.

This application tackles perhaps the greatest challenge for the organizations utilizing Jira. Jira admins can share a few Jira cloud tickets of their projects through password protected links to the external users who do not have a Jira account.

Need of External Share/Secure Share?

As we are aware that all the Atlassian application licenses (Jira, Confluence etc) are based on the number of users and for a few extra users we have to upgrade to the next user tier increasing the cost overhead on the organization. Now,

  • Envision a situation: You have a license tier of X users and you want to share your Jira issues or tickets or Confluence pages with your clients or customers for a short period.
  • Or with a set of restrictions such as view only or editable options.
  • Or you just want to share a particular Jira issue or tickets or Confluence page with users while restricting them to view other Jira issues or Confluence pages.
  • Or share it with someone outside the instance.

How does External Share/Secure Share solve it?

Let’s look at what we have in our options;

  • Upgrade your license tier for creating new users in Jira or Confluence even for a short period.
  • Restrict users by assigning them groups and manually removing them each time you want to revoke their privileges to access Jira issues or Confluence pages.
  • Create a new Jira project or Confluence space, or assign groups to users each time you want to change the user privileges.

Secure Share/External Share

Well, that’s not it. You just don’t have these options. There’s more!

miniOrange thought of a superior and simple answer to offer this challenge, the Cloud and Data Center Jira Secure Share/External Share & Confluence Secure Share/External Share add-ons which tackle this large number of issues without any help.

It permits you to make and share access links externally for the Jira issue or Confluence page that you need to impart to your users(even outside the case).

Simply install our outstanding Secure Share/External Share (Data Center, Cloud) add-on in your Jira or Confluence and forget about the rest. The sharing component will get implanted on your Jira Issue or Confluence Page like an infinity stone in the gauntlet. You’ll find it hard to recollect that the add-on isn’t in-built. It will help you thoroughly with the external sharing between applications.

Create and share a limitless number of access links!!!

Secure Share/External Share Features:

Here is the finish to your pausing – Let’s have a look at the awesome features of Secure Share!

  • Decide whether an access link will allow your end-users to view/add comments or attachments on your shared issue or page.
  • Create self-destructing access links by setting expiry over the link.
  • Securely Share your link by protecting it with your password or generate a random one for better security.
  • Need not worry about the pile of expired links. Those will be deleted automatically after 7 days of expiry.
  • Deactivate any shared link with a single click at any time and the link will be as powerless as Tony Stark without an Arc reactor!
  • Set permissions for end-user to View/Add Comments/Attachments in the shared issues
  • Free support app setup. Contact us for a Secure Share demo!

Upcoming Features & Customer Support

  • Restrict User, Jira Project, content to share like summary, sprint status
  • Share your Jira issue or ticket links directly via email
  • Keep user logs for accessing the share links

With immense customer support, we are here to help you with everything! Let us know your requirements at



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