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Migrate and Sync Salesforce Objects with our Single-Click Migration Tool

Effortlessly migrate and sync Salesforce objects with miniOrange single-click tool. Streamline data management and ensure a seamless transition to Salesforce.

Jan 16, 2024

Explore a seamless transition for your WordPress Salesforce sync in discovering the alternative to minnPost’s Object Sync For Salesforce Plugin. Learn more about migrating to miniOrange's Object Sync, a solution designed for effortless integration and enhanced data synchronization.

Problems You May Face During Migration

The imperative need for an alternative solution arises from the current state of minnPost's Object Sync for Salesforce plugin, which is no longer maintained on the WordPress marketplace. The concerning aspect is its lack of updates over the past three major WordPress releases. This absence of maintenance raises critical issues for existing customers who rely on the plugin for seamless synchronization with Salesforce.

The urgency for an alternative becomes apparent as continued usage of the outdated plugin poses a twofold risk. Firstly, the absence of updates implies a potential halt in synchronization capabilities, threatening the uninterrupted flow of data between WordPress and Salesforce. Secondly, the stagnant codebase exposes users to security vulnerabilities, emphasizing the necessity for a reliable and actively maintained alternative solution.

To safeguard the integrity of Salesforce sync processes and fortify website security, users of minnPost's Object Sync for Salesforce plugin are compelled to seek a robust and up-to-date alternative. This ensures not only the continued functionality of the integration but also shields their WordPress site from potential vulnerabilities associated with outdated code.

Introducing the miniOrange Salesforce Migration Tool

The Migration Tool was built from scratch to give its users an effortless way to get their existing data from minnPost’s Object Sync For Salesforce plugin to our plugin with just one-click option. The migration feature is not available inside the core plugin, as you need it only once. It's a separate migration tool that you can get by reaching out to us at

You must have our plugin on your WordPress site to migrate from minnPost’s Object Sync For Salesforce plugin.

Easy One-click Migration

The standout feature, One-Click Migration, ensures a smooth and effortless shift from the outdated MinnPost plugin to miniOrange's offering. This functionality not only mitigates the complexities associated with migration but also expedites the process, allowing users to swiftly transition with minimal disruption to their Salesforce sync workflows without any additional authorization from Salesforce, with the help of miniOrange’s support.

miniOrange Hubspot SSO application

Moreover, miniOrange's Object Data Sync For Salesforce plugin goes beyond mere data synchronization by providing seamless integration with various third-party plugins. The versatility offered enables users to consolidate their Salesforce integration efforts, ensuring a unified and streamlined experience. For a comprehensive understanding of the diverse integration possibilities, we invite you to explore further details on all supported third-party plugins here.

In embracing miniOrange's alternative solution, users not only secure an uninterrupted and efficient data sync between WordPress and Salesforce but also gain access to a feature-rich plugin that adapts to evolving integration needs. Elevate your Salesforce integration experience with miniOrange's Object Data Sync For Salesforce plugin, setting the stage for enhanced functionality and seamless data management.


In conclusion, transitioning from minnPost's Object Sync for Salesforce plugin to an alternative solution can present challenges and complexities, making the migration process both intricate and formidable. This transition not only demands careful consideration of data integrity but also poses potential risks to your established Salesforce sync workflows. However, with the invaluable assistance of miniOrange's dedicated support and the seamless functionality offered by the Object Data Sync for Salesforce plugin, this transition becomes a streamlined and hassle-free experience.

By leveraging the user-friendly features of our plugin, you can confidently and effortlessly make the switch, ensuring a smooth and efficient continuation of your Salesforce integration. Embrace the convenience of miniOrange's solution as the alternative for minnPost's Object Sync for Salesforce, and empower your organization with a reliable and robust Salesforce synchronization experience.



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