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NFT token gated Zoom meetings and webinars

NFT token gated Google Meet and Zoom is an approach to managing the participants in a virtual meeting and webinar. Here users login to Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype using a cryptocurrency wallet, and for accessing the meeting user should hold the required NFT or tokens in their wallets. Depending on the NFT or token in the wallet different memberships and roles can be assigned and accordingly access to the different meeting or webinar portals can be given. Users can also upgrade by buying NFT over the marketplace and have access to meeting portals of their choice.

Sep 29, 2023

Features of Token gated Webinar

  • Manage participants: When meeting or webinar organizers want to target a specific category of participants, they can set the required NFT for accessing the meeting. This will attract participants to holding it.
  • Membership and role-based access: Participants joining the meeting and webinar can be managed by their membership or role assigned. Depending on the NFT or tokens in their wallets different roles can be assigned and accordingly access to meetings and webinars can be decided.
  • Login with crypto wallet: Allow users to log in with a crypto wallet to meetings and webinars. Once users connect their wallet it can be used for verifying the NFT or token collection and also doing NFT transactions from the marketplace.
  • Security: Secure meetings and the data exchanged in them by employing NFT token gated Google meet and zoom meetings and webinars. Verify the participants by asking them to log in using a crypto wallet and grant access based on NFT held in the wallet.
  • Mandatory profile completion: When a user does a crypto wallet login to Zoom, Google meet or Skype make them sign up with additional information. Ask the user to enter minimum details and use them for data analytics and marketing.
  • Exclusive seminars: Allow users based on the NFT owned in their wallet access to exclusive virtual meetings and webinars.NFT token gated Skype, Google Meet, Zoom meetings, and webinars are the best approach for managing access.

What are NFT Token gated zoom meetings and webinars?

NFT token gated webinars and meeting is an approach to managing participants in a meeting. Participants can join the meeting only if they have the necessary NFT or token in their cryptocurrency wallet. This is an effective approach where users cannot simply walk into a virtual zoom webinar or meeting. You can also assign membership and roles to users depending on the NFT or tokens owned in the wallet and depending on the assignment user can access different meetings and webinars. NFT token gating can be applied for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Cisco Webex. Also, the data in the virtual meetings are completely secured against any cyber-attack and unauthorized data manipulation. Additionally, tools like Web3 WordPress Login and WordPress Web3 Suite from miniOrange provide functionalities for integrating Web3 technology with WordPress, allowing for seamless management of NFT-based gated content, which can enhance the security and access control mechanisms for virtual meetings and webinars.

Why do you need NFT token gated zoom and Google meet?

Since the pandemic, we have frequently started meeting online for events, seminars, and social meetings, in addition to office-related activities. As a result, the number of downloads for video conference services like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, Cisco WebEx has multiplied tenfold. These platforms provide wonderful opportunities for online virtual connections between people. But it has also resulted in significant unethical conduct and cyber attacks on these platforms.

Hackers send false zoom invites and leak user-sensitive information. Users have reported to loose personal details, email IDs, and financial data to such unethical practices.

The NFT token gated webinar for zoom, Google meet, Skype, and Cisco WebEx is an effective method to monitor the meeting and webinar participants. Only users who hold required NFT or tokens in their wallets are allowed access to the meetings. This eliminates a lot of unethical activities that take place in zoom and other virtual meetings.

Why do you need NFT token gated zoom and Google meet

What is Zoom bombing and how to protect online meetings and webinars?

The issue of zoom bombing is a term coined for one of the major issues where uninvited users join and bomb an ongoing meeting. This disturbs the decorum and atmosphere of the events which discourages both the organizer and participants. To overcome this the principle of NFT token gated Skype, Google meet and zoom meetings, and webinars are employed where access to the meeting is governed. Only participants having the specific NFT collection in their cryptocurrency wallets have to access it. Participants do a crypto wallet login to the meeting and webinar website and their wallet is examined for the required NFT collection. The participant who does not own the NFT collection is directed to the NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and Mintable for purchase. This way the participants are managed and unethical activities on the platforms can be dealt with easily.


In this blog, we saw how Zoom NFT Token Gating helps restrict access to your Zoom meeting and webinars. This method, being decentralized, proves to be efficient and secure for your entire community.

So if you are new to the web3 world and want to create your own web3 community, miniOrange is the ideal solution and provides the best global support.

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